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Mar 18, 2015

Still Here!

I thought it was time to login to this forgotten blog and say hello. I am alive and well and still making Vivi Dots! The disappearance of pretty much all things Vivi Dot started with doctor's orders to slow down, which happily turned into pregnancy, and even more happily into this cute little guy.
Meet Wesley! I can't think of better reason to scale back and reassess where I spend my time. Though I'm not making trips to Las Vegas for wholesale shows anymore or pushing Vivi Dot via ads and blog sponsorships I am still taking and filling orders as they come in. I'm still teaching dance and working my 'day job' so unfortunately Vivi Dot was the only dial that was easily turned down to simmer. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you're interested in wholesale or retail orders or for anything else. I'm still active on twitter and instagram if you'd like to follow along there.

Thanks for stopping by!

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