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Aug 30, 2013

Vivi Dot Fall Faves

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I'm a huge fan of the patterns that Vivi Dot accessories consist of. Here are a couple of my favorite color combos, graphics, etc that are a great companion to the fall vibes that're heading our way- some being of the original Vivi Dot variety (designed by Molly,) and some fabrics that've been picked up along the way.

Bohemian Burst Lexington Necklace
Muted Hues Trio
Flower Collar Clip
Pen & Ink Cocktail Ring

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Aug 6, 2013


I've spent most of my life in average sized homes, and currently reside in a six bedroom, 101 year old house that, while it's whimsical and charming in some ways, is often rather a pain due to how massive it is. The house I lived in before that had 13 bedrooms, and that was also a drag- news flash, the most space you have, the more often you need to clean. Ugh!
Cabins are appealing because they're adorable, humble, magical, and economical at the same time. It probably helps that they're often perfectly nestled in the woods or mountains, and usually somewhere vaguely near bubbling brooks or patches of mushrooms or tiny veggie gardens or whatever. Please enjoy this incredible images of cabins, c/o the wonderful blog Cabin Porn.

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