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May 30, 2013

Mary Meyer Clothing

I LOVE SHOPPING. I definitely keep my adoration carefully under wraps ($$$$$$$!) more often than not, but thanks to the boundless accessibility that is online shopping I am comforted to know that at any given moment when I happen to randomly stumble upon large quantities of money, I'm a mere click of a button from any and all of the things that my heart desires. I found Mary Meyer's site via the instagram of Pretty Penny, one of my favorite vintage stores in the world in Oakland, CA.

With a background in painting, print making, weaving, welding and woodworking, Mary Meyer founded her clothing company in 2005. I was initially drawn to how simple and accessible her designs are, and the kind of pieces one could (cheesy but true!) completely dress up or down. They also look really comfortable, which is a plus.
The site is a grab bag of original and handmade clothing by her, as well as pieces (clothing, accessories, body products, and jewelry) from a range of other designers, including big wigs like Betsey Johnson and smaller (but equally rad) designers like Baggu. Here are some choice products that I fell in love with in particular.

Block Dress

Yes Ring

Zip Dress

Peppermint Clementine Body Wash

Kara Dress

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Liz @ I Heart Vegetables said...

I love those rings!!! That would be a great engagement ring placeholder ;) hah!

Lily said...

@ Liz - I love that idea! So funny!