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May 2, 2013


Just checkin in to blog about one of my new Favorite Things Ever, the horchata iced latte from TNT Taqueria. I live in Wallingford, home of the baby stroller and artisan sock boutique, so I don't find myself walking around the area that frequently as there's little to do that's "my scene."
However, everything changed last week when I was hooked into stopping for a refreshing beverage on my way to the grocery store, thanks to an enticing sandwich board advertising a horcata iced latte. HOLY MOLY, do yourself a favor and spend your well-earned $3.00 on one. It'll revolutionize your coffee experience. I haven't dabbled in any of the cuisine at TNT yet, but if any of the food is half was delicious as their coffee I would imagine that it'll be just as sacred of an experience. Highly recommended!

photo care of seattleeater.com

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