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May 30, 2013

Mary Meyer Clothing

I LOVE SHOPPING. I definitely keep my adoration carefully under wraps ($$$$$$$!) more often than not, but thanks to the boundless accessibility that is online shopping I am comforted to know that at any given moment when I happen to randomly stumble upon large quantities of money, I'm a mere click of a button from any and all of the things that my heart desires. I found Mary Meyer's site via the instagram of Pretty Penny, one of my favorite vintage stores in the world in Oakland, CA.

With a background in painting, print making, weaving, welding and woodworking, Mary Meyer founded her clothing company in 2005. I was initially drawn to how simple and accessible her designs are, and the kind of pieces one could (cheesy but true!) completely dress up or down. They also look really comfortable, which is a plus.
The site is a grab bag of original and handmade clothing by her, as well as pieces (clothing, accessories, body products, and jewelry) from a range of other designers, including big wigs like Betsey Johnson and smaller (but equally rad) designers like Baggu. Here are some choice products that I fell in love with in particular.

Block Dress

Yes Ring

Zip Dress

Peppermint Clementine Body Wash

Kara Dress

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May 28, 2013

Summertime Sweet

I recently pinned a beautiful and tasty dessert on Pinterest from Dessert For Two. The salty pretzel contrasted with the sweet strawberries sounded so delish I couldn't resist. My version only has three ingredients so it's a bit more simple than the one I pinned. All it takes is fresh strawberries (I used my cuisinart to slice 'em up), pretzels (broken up into pieces), and whipped cream. It's summer in a bowl, and it's so pretty too! I also love that it's kind of a fresh take on the raspberry jello, cool whip pretzel 'salad' we always used to have at extended family dinners, which we now lovingly call white trash salad.

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May 16, 2013


Thee Oh Sees are one of my pride and joy San Francisco bands- I've seen them play sold out shows in massive venues, free secret shows in abandoned bowling alleys, and preeeety much everything in between. Their latest single "Toe Cutter- Thumb Buster" makes me as proud as ever of this band, and although I haven't had a chance to listen to the whole record Floating Coffin yet, I have reason to believe it's just as magical as anything else they've created. Give it a listen, and let me know what you think!

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May 15, 2013

Color Theory: Lemon Yellow - Magenta - Persian Green

It's no secret that I love me some color. My inspiration for my fabric designs often comes from noticing pops of color in unexpected places. Our bi-weekly produce delivery came yesterday and I couldn't help but notice the vibrant colors of the rainbow chard. I love it when things from nature are colors that seem unnatural. The vibrant lemon yellow and magenta were stunning with the persian green greens. If you love color too make sure to follow me (@vividot) on Instagram.

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May 14, 2013

Mom's Day Decor

Duncan was gone for 19 days and we were finally reunited this weekend. It was so nice to have my partner in crime back. He just makes all of the usual day to day tasks so much more fun. This weekend those tasks included gardening, running errands and prepping for our Mother's Day guests.

We hosted my Mom, Grandma, two Aunts, one Uncle and one cousin for a late lunch of tacos and pomegranate margaritas. It was great to get everyone together to enjoy the sun breaks and the yard I've been busting my rear on.

The Huffington Post featured my Mom's Day table from two years ago (above) and that motivated me to put something fun together for this party too. We bought my Mom a gift certificate to Skye Nursery and I couldn't resist their amazing selection of succulents and tiny little teracotta pots.

I added a cake stand for height and some of my recent treasures (vintage apples, spotted eggs, and chess pieces) to add some unexpected fun to the table.

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day weekend!

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May 2, 2013


Just checkin in to blog about one of my new Favorite Things Ever, the horchata iced latte from TNT Taqueria. I live in Wallingford, home of the baby stroller and artisan sock boutique, so I don't find myself walking around the area that frequently as there's little to do that's "my scene."
However, everything changed last week when I was hooked into stopping for a refreshing beverage on my way to the grocery store, thanks to an enticing sandwich board advertising a horcata iced latte. HOLY MOLY, do yourself a favor and spend your well-earned $3.00 on one. It'll revolutionize your coffee experience. I haven't dabbled in any of the cuisine at TNT yet, but if any of the food is half was delicious as their coffee I would imagine that it'll be just as sacred of an experience. Highly recommended!

photo care of seattleeater.com

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