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Apr 25, 2013


Oh hello!

Since we checked in last (aka 6 million years ago) A LOT has happened. Some of it cool (I went to NY, Molly to San Francisco) and some of it not-so-cool (I had random surgery tail bone surgery and couldn't walk for 5 days) but the most exciting of all: It's starting to feel like SPRING! I even had to stop and get sunscreen yesterday because I was out running errands and could feel my face GETTING BURNT, which (needless to say) is a rarity. What better way to welcome the northern light then cyber window shopping for weather appropriate knicknacks?

Kiddie Pool

Is it embarrassing that I really want one of these? I'm somehow justifying the waste of water via lusting after a kiddie pool versus an adult sized one.

Glass Straws

I've written about straws before because they are one of the most fun and functional items out there. They would look so cute with a fancy lil cocktail and a book the porch, no?

Speaking of cocktails, how irresistible are these recipes for ICED COFFEE COCKTAILS, care of Sprudge.com?


What is more pleasant and perfect than a good old fashioned pair of shorteralls? I can't get enough.

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Apr 24, 2013

Customized Mother's Day Necklace

If you're looking for something unique and personal for your Mom I think our Custom Polaroid Necklaces are a perfect choice. You could choose a current family photo or scan an old photo of the little you that will be a lovely homage to all she's done for you. In addition to the necklace she'll receive a print of the photo that's cut out in the shape of a polaroid and a matching magnet to use to attach it to the refrigerator or other magnetic surface. Mothers Day is May 12th so make sure you order and send in your photo by May 6th to guarantee that it's there on time.

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Apr 3, 2013

Animal Lovin'

In honor of launching our new line of sweet as can be animal pieces, here's a round up of some other notable and irresistibly precious animal related products, brought to you via Etsy.

Gray Cat Pin by WingedPony

Cat tote by 2SmartCats

French bulldog pillow by intheseam

French bulldog sweater by MissPiggyUSA

Koala Tote by okapiillustration

Panda Post Cards by Sahara Jane Shop
Make sure to check out our pandas, dogs, kitties, and koalas in our Etsy Shop. There are rings, necklaces, and hair clips too! They've got fuzzy felt ears and can't wait to find find a new home.

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