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Jan 30, 2013


I consider Valentines Day to be one of the more sacred holidays that exist (it's up there with Halloween) for a handful of reasons. Sans the year I rattled off a trajectory of reasons why it's a useless capitalist scheme for major companies to make money, as long as I can remember- on years that I've been single OR dating someone- I've loved it. And sincerely, what's not to love about a holiday that exists soley to eat candy and shower your loved ones with attention? It's dreamy.

This year I'm planning a massive prom themed Valentines Day party (I never went to my prom, so this is a HUGE DEAL) and have been inundated with inspiring DIY crafts, treats, and ideas of all shapes and sizes. Here are a few of them, but check back as the event comes closer and I begin to craftin' and cooking. Don't forget that every day is a great day to shower your loved ones in adoration.

These brilliant doily votives were thought up by Christine Chitnis. Cute and simple!

I love me a good heart banner! I'm seriously into this lavender color as well.

It wouldn't be a prom unless there was a photobooth, amirite? I'm thinkin some cheesy props would add a little oomph as well.

I grabbed these images from pinterest and couldn't locate the original source of the last 2 images. If you know where they came from, please let me know! xo

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Jan 24, 2013

Modcloth Lovin'

We're on the brink of announcing a handful of new designs here in VD HQ which is verrrry exciting!
Until then, we're as honored as ever to say that we were recently featured in ModCloth's newsletter, as well as a Valentines Day spread, amongst a handful of other lovely-as-ever items. Keep your eyes peeled for a handful of new Vivi Dot items (both at ModCloth and in our shop,) in the upcoming months!

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Jan 17, 2013

Hello 2013!

Oh hello! It's been a hot minute (and by hot minute I mean over a month...) since I checked in last. I missed you! 2013 has been good to me thus far, and 2012 wrapped up preeeety well. Here are some highlights from the last month or so.

I just got back from a week in Puerto Rico, which was a vacation that consisted of fried meat with (literally) every meal, squealing at every iguana I saw while everyone rolled their eyes (they're basically the equivalent to squirrels in terms of NBD everywhere all the time creatures,) demolishing 4 books that I'd been meaning to read FOREVER, drinking teeny tiny 7oz beers on the beach, and grocery shopping at Walmart. There's ice cream for sale at every corner so I can honestly say my trip was pretty perf.

A few days before 2013, my boyfriend José and our mutual friend Kenneth signed a lease on a warehouse with a storefront with the intent to turn it into an art gallery/recording studio/show space. Needless to say, it's been a really cool process to watch. The past 3 1/2 weeks have been a flurry of ceiling painting, 4 am dinners, fervent emailing with landlords, electricians, and bands, and an UNREAL amount of support from friends and other venues in the community. Starting this month, I'm hosting a free monthly market featuring local vendors selling vintage clothing, records, art, crafts, and treats on the last Sunday of every month, and I would love to see you at the first one!

Nerd alert, but I'm crazy stoked on the bike I just bought! Way back when I was a fearless teen I rode my bike in little dresses to school every morning, but slowly let myself get intimidated by riding around. I've decided to (slowly, surely) get comfortable on a bike again. Big ups to 20/20 Cycle for being the coolest, kindest bike shop in Seattle. I also ordered a hot pink cheetah print helmet which should be arriving this week, so I'll be riding in STYLE. Obviously.

There are a lot of things I'm looking forward to in the coming months, including a birthday weekend in Portland, a trip to NY in March, food to cook, crafts to make, some Vivi Dot designs to finalize and create, and whatever adventures create themselves. Happy 2013 to you!

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