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Dec 7, 2012

The Big Kitchen Reveal: Before and After

I thought I'd start off the big kitchen remodel reveal with some photos of our house when we first viewed it (back when it had pink carpet and a different owner).
The kitchen also had chicken themed decor. It was charming, but so opposite of our style. We were excited to dig in. In fact, we ripped up the pink carpet within about 3 minutes of getting the keys and walking through the door. Duncan refinished the hardwood floors beneath the pepto pink carpet the week before we moved in.
Now for a few 'middle' photos. We lived in our house for a year before the remodel so here you can see a bit more of the kitchen during that time. We really didn't mind the look of the kitchen (minus the chicken wall paper), but there wasn't nearly enough storage or counter space.
Here's one of the two walls we removed.
Now for the exciting stuff! We opened up the entire space by taking down the walls that separated the kitchen from the dining and living room. This required a new beam that we left exposed and posts that go down into the foundation (in the basement).
The black and white floor was a must. Duncan and I love dancing in the kitchen and we've always dreamed about having an awesome black and white checkerboard floor. We put our own twist on it by doing rectangle tiles instead of squares. We figured the shinier the better and went with porcelain tile. The surround sound speakers in ceiling are awesome for dance parties too.
The countertops are granite, black pearl granite to be exact. We went with white subway tiles with gray grout for the back splash. The cabinets are Ikea (we saved big with their annual kitchen sale).
We kept the sink in the same location and kept the existing windows as well (both big money savers). I am so in love with our huge single basin sink. It's amazing! The faucet with touch technology is one of our favorite upgrades.
I have been lusting after a vibrant vintage pendant light for a while and the stars aligned just at the right time with this find. We removed the gold chain to update it a bit. It casts an amazingly warm glow over our dining room table.
We have plans to liven up the area under the bar overhang (behind where the stools are). I'll be sure to share that project once we tackle it.
We went with open corner shelving so we'd have space to display some of our favorite things and brighten up the otherwise all black and white kitchen.
We have so much more storage now it's incredible. All of our serving pieces are right upstairs next to the dining room instead of collecting dust in the basement. We also got a nifty outlet with two USB plugs and a regular outlet for all our charging needs.
And here's one last angle for good measure. Please note that gorgeous dining room table over on the left. That was Duncan's first adventure in furniture making and it turned out beautifully. It's made out of the wood from the original wood beam we replaced. The house was built in 1946 so it's pretty sweet to have used an old piece of reclaimed wood that has some history behind it. We bought the hair pins legs on Etsy from Hair Pin Love.
I'll be back soon with photos of the rest of the living room including our newly blue fireplace!
If you're in the Seattle area and are looking for a contractor I can't say enough good things about ours, Adam and Wally with Alder Building & Renovation. Shoot me an email if you'd like me to make an introduction!

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Laura said...

It's gorgeous!!! I hadn't even considered remodeling our kitchen but now... ;)

bobbi said...

It looks fantastic!! You guys did an amazing job!

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

WOW, what a transformation!! I love the colors with the black and white. And that pretty sofa--we looked at that one, if it's from Macy's. =) How exciting, congrats on the major improvements!

Moorea Seal said...

it looks SO INSANELY AMAZING. and so totally you!! What an improvement from the very first before photo, oof pink carpet!
xo Moorea

Stevie said...

Incredible! I love the island/peninsula you added after the wall was removed. What a difference! It looks absolutely beautiful.

Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

Amazing transformation Molly!!! It could be in a magazine!

livlovelaugh said...

Oh wow! I love the comparison picture! It's AMAZING! I love before/after photos in general, but this one is definitely one of the best i think. The kitchen was quite pretty before, but the after it looks gorgeous!


Alix Rose said...

This looks amazing. Congrats and give yourselves a pat on the back.

דרקונים said...

every thing is so beautiful! great colors and design! well done! ;)

The Egg said...

the exposed beam adds so much character.
well done.

xo the egg out west.

Unknown said...

Hi Molly - Christy told me about your wonderful kitchen remodel and I have to agree. I love it. After 34 years, we are FINALLY doing a total remodel of our kitchen & living room! Yay! We're also doing Ikea cabinets. We're combining the white glass cabinets with the shiny gray laminate. We've taken walls out and pushed back walls and have room for a big island now. Your pictures were a big inspiration. I'm looking at touchless faucets and was wondering which one you bought? I've read so many bad reviews, I'd feel better getting one that has worked well for someone. Congratulations on your wonderful baby news. So excited for you!
I look forward to hearing from you. Sherri from LFP ♥

Adrienne said...

Beautiful! We need to remodel our raised ranch kitchen. About how much was this remodel?

Calin Mox said...

Where did you find those amazing lamps???

Molly said...

The black pendant lamps are from lamps plus! I saw similar ones at a restaurant and was surprised to track down some look alikes there! The red one in the dining room is from a vintage store. They're pretty easy to find too. Just updated the hardware (got rid of the gold chain).