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Dec 18, 2012

K BYE 2012

Amidst all the holiday stuff, it's easy to forget that a mere six days after Christmas comes good ol' New Years Eve! Every year I hear myself telling someone that this is the year I'm going to go with the proverbial flow and not worry about what I'm doing that night, but every year around this time I start asking everyone what their plans are, sharpening my glitter eyeliner pencil, wondering what time I have work on New Years Day, etc. And in the grand scheme of relatively pointless holidays that we celebrate, it sincerely does make sense to me that this one should be celebrated wholeheartedly. What better way to bring in the New Year then surrounded by friends and family in a fancy outfit with a whole lot of booze?
Here are some crucial NYE props sure to provide a party-centric night.

Dot a Hold On Me Dress (via Modcloth)

My wardrobe is relatively dress-centric as is, but there are definitely certain times that I want to up my dress game a little bit without going all out. I love that this dress is on the casual side of formal, but could totally get played up with the right shoes. Plus it'll look just as sweet under a wool sweater and a huge coat, which is My Life For the Next 5 1/2 months.

Mason Jar Sippers (via Butter Home)
These super cute mason jars would be perfect to fill with a lil' bubbly. Bonus points for the equally precious paper straws, sold separately.

Leopard print nail decals (via Pretty Girly Girl)
I was born a nail biter and will (probably) die a nail biter so generally speaking any attempt at sprucing up my nails is a total waste of time, but I LOVE how these nail decals look and virtually see them everywhere. Stick em on and party hard!

Vivi Dot Necklace (via Vivi Dot, duh)
Molly came up with these hand painted designs a few weeks ago and I am FREAKING OUT over them. If there's a better way to add a little last minute oomph to an outfit, I'd like to hear it. What are your crucial NYE party accessories this year?

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