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Dec 6, 2012


It feels oddly good to be at the point in my life where (mostly,) things I need and strongly desire I can obtain just fine on my own. The past couple of years I've noticed that once the holidays roll around it's increasingly difficult for me to come up with things I want because I either buy what I need, save up for what I want, or don't successfully save up (thus proving to myself that I probably didn't want it that badly anyway,) and promptly move on. That said, being that this season is of the gift giving variety, there are a few things I wouldn't mind owning..

'Talk to the Hand' Necklace
In God We Trust NYC makes really sweet and simple everyday jewelry, and I'm obsessed with this line of necklaces because the sweet little gold hearts offer really sassy (and sometimes sorta dirty) messages on them.

Royal Rose Cardamon Clove Syrup

Literally every item on the Catbird website is a dream to me. Known mostly for their jewelry and accessories, their site features a pretty impressive amount of homewares and various other magical odds and ends, including this delicious sounding syrup.

Knee Pad tights
I saw a girl wearing a pair of kneepad tights when I visited Portland for the first time three years ago and apparently haven't gotten it out of my system since then.

Harold and Maude pin set

I've mentioned this before, but Harold and Maude is my all time favorite movie. What better way to rep it then to carry some stills with me everywhere I go?

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