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Nov 15, 2012

Seattle To Do's - Winter Edition

Tis the season wherein I stop leaving the house in the evening and opt to make curry soup and fall asleep watching the Simpsons at 9 when everyone else is out having fun (cough last night cough cough,) which is mostly fine with me. I do, however, want this season to be one in which I continue to be excited by the things around me instead of becoming too domestic and antisocial to be inspired. This may sound whiny- I chose to move to the pacific northwest- but I'm a human and humans get sleepy and weird when it's cold and wet and gray for 8 months straight. Fact. Here are some things I'm looking forward to eating, seeing and reading in the next month or so in my community.

Eating: The Wandering Goose Cafe

photo by Brendan Kiley

The Wandering Goose is a "Southern Influenced" cafe that recently opened. Featuring braised greens, biscuit sandwiches, pumpkin brittle and (classic) fried chicken, I CANNOT WAIT TO GO HERE. Bonus points that everything is under $13 and " Wandering Goose is warm and inviting with bright natural light streaming in through the east facing windows. The demising wall between the neighboring restaurant is made from vintage leaded glass windows allowing for even more light and a sense of openness in this tiny but magical café." Are you as sold as I am, yet?

Seeing: Storefronts Seattle

Storefronts Seattle is a "neighborhood support program," wherein the organization sets local artists up with empty storefronts in neighborhoods like Pioneer Square and Chinatown and permits them to take over the space and create art however they choose to. Not only does this sound like a rad concept but an awesome way to scope sweet in the community. I am looking forward to checking this out!

Reading: My Mother She Killed Me, My Father She Ate Me: A fairy tale anthology compiled by Kate Bernheimer
My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me is a book that I recently started reading and have been attempting to draw out finishing for as long as possible. Consisting of forty new fairy tales written by some of my favorite contemporary writers, what I find especially charming about it is how each author follows up their short story with a small note about which original fairy tale it was inspired from and some thoughts on what they've written. Some are flat out retellings and others are pulled from various sources, but all of them are just as surreal and fantastical and sad and twisted as the original fairy tales from hundreds of years ago. I've already renewed this from the library once- let's see how long I can draw out finishing it.

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