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Nov 8, 2012

Pinspired #1: Picnic At Hanging Rock

Vivi Dot HQ has decided to begin a weekly showcase of whatever our current obsessions might be, highlighted via the infinitely creative resource that is Pinterest.com. Jonesin' for a photograph of a baby dressed as a hedgehog, a recipe for how to make your own wall paper, or maybe a necklace with a swan on it? Look no further.
For those unfamiliar with Pinterest, it's essentially a vast online resource for all things ever DIY/craft/art/fashion/recipe/film/EVERYTHING related. I feel like it's my duty to warn you that the site can be a bit of an internet black hole, so definitely proceed with caution.

For our first installment, I wanted to show some of my favorite film stills from a movie I watched this weekend that I snagged from Pinterest.com.
Picnic At Hanging Rock is a 1975 film adapted by Peter Weir from a book of the same title written by Joan Lindsay. Set in 1900 in Australia, the film tells the story of a group of women from an all girls college who go missing while picnic-ing at a field trip on Valentine's Day.

As mysterious, cerebral, eerie, and sad the film was, I think what touched me the most was the color scheme. I'm not much of a pastel person in my everyday life, but each film still is so saturated with earth tones, bright whites and delicate and warm hues that it's hard not to understand how the film became such a cult classic just based on its color choices alone.

Highly recommended for fans of sad and dreamy movies with not-so-happy endings (not a spoiler, a known fact!) and all color freaks out there.

(Though we love pinterst, it's sometimes hard to find the original source. We linked back images the best we could, but if you know the original source of any of these images, please let us know!)

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