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Nov 20, 2012

Fabric Autumn Leaves

I sent off some Thanksgiving gifts the other day and wanted to include a special handmade something that screamed fall when the recipient opened up the box. I started out by rounding up some fabric in rich autumnal hues.
First I printed out a leaf image I found on the internet to use as a pattern. Make sure to print it on to thick paper so it holds up. You can download the one I used here (it's blurry, but you only need it for the shape anyway).
Next I cut squares of fabric to the approximate size of the leaf pattern and fused two different prints together (back to back) with a stem in the middle. I would have used twigs, but it's been so wet here I had to give up on that idea and used plastic grass strands I happened to have in my craft closet.
Up next was cutting out the fused fabric squares into the leaf shape. To add some more detail I fused the interfacing to some of the scrap fabric. I peeled off the interfacing paper and cut thin strips to make the leaf veins. I laid them out on the leaf shapes and ironed them on once they were placed just right.
The last step was to add a tiny drop of fabric glue to the base of the leaf. I used clothespins to keep the leaf crimped the way I wanted it until the fabric glue dried.
I placed the leaf face down so the recipient will get a colorful surprise when the turn it over. I am going to make some more before Thursday so I can decorate my dinner table with them. The only problem with sending them off was separating them. They looked so pretty all together!

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1 comment:

Jenny said...

Those are so pretty! Great project. Thanks for sharing.