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Nov 30, 2012

You're Invited!

We're excited to announce that our friends at Assemble Gallery are hosting a designer showcase featuring Vivi Dot on Saturday, December 8th from 5-8 pm. Think wine, holiday (edible) treats, mingling, a hefty handful of Vivi Dot items on display amidst a fantastically well curated shop filled with independent designer wares! We've talked about Assemble before (how could anyone forget the DIY campfire they built?) but we'll never get tired of bragging about how cool they are.
Friends Andie and Emily opened Assemble in 2009 with the intent to create a space that could be utilized as a gallery, community workshop environment, and retail storefront. Dreamy, right? Recently they decided to close the doors on their retail space as of January 2013 to focus their energy on maintaining an amazing online store and fostering the online community that goes with it. With a shop that sells a range of gifts, DIY kits, jewelry, prints, journals and housewares, we support them wholeheartedly. Here are some pieces I'm excited to see for myself on Saturday.
1: Jeweled Bird Crewel Embroidery Kit, 2: Be Brave Print, 3: Pantone Mugs and Stationary Items, 4: Reusable Produce Bags

Excited yet? Here are the details for Saturday: The designer showcase will be held at Assemble Gallery (7406 Greenwood Avenue North Seattle, Washington 98103) from 5-8 pm. Expect wine, snacks, and a whole lot of Vivi Dot products, as well as the usual Assemble inventory. If you have any questions about the event (or anything in general, really) feel free to email us at info(at)vividotonline.com. Please also check out and RSVP to the event on our Facebook Page. We sincerely look forward to seeing you there!


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Nov 29, 2012


It's Thanksgiving this week, which means it's practically nearly almost essentially Christmastime. The past few years I've adopted a DIY attitude when it comes to gift giving to extended family, which has more or less been successful (sans the greasy pancake-esque vegan cookies I made everyone last year, despite the fact that I managed a year and a half of veganism with the fluffiest and most aesthetically pleasing cookies around) and always appreciated. I think it's definitely a growing up thing, but there is something so sincerely special about the kinds of gifts that are MADE and not bought.

It's hard because I come from a pretty crafty family- my mom makes soap and laundry detergent, like, for fun- but I think I want to up my game a little bit this year. Here are some ideas I found floating around the internet that seem fun, easy and enjoyed by all.

DIY Sugar scrub:

Sugar scrub is cool because it literally consists of sugar, binding oil and the scent of your choice. Bonus points for fancying it up in a mason jar with a ribbon like in this picture. Amazing!

DIY Apple butter:

Until just now I think I had some vast misconceptions about what apple butter was. Is it of the buttery spread variety? Is it jam? Turns out apple butter doesn't have dairy in it, and is kind of just a smoother and sweeter version of apple sauce, also known as the easiest treat to make ever. Here's a great website that lists recipes and resources for all things apple butter makin'. And, as always, bonus points for the jar.

Chocolate covered pretzel sticks:

This is actually SO easy sounding and looks cool. Plus I finally found something that doesn't require a mason jar. Melt chocolate chips, dip em' in pretzel sticks, roll em' in sprinkles or candy, and let em' cool. DONE! Shout out to Spoonful.com for this crazy easy, fun seeming one.

Honorable Mention: Doctoring up mixes

I know this is kind of lame, but in my cupboard at this very moment sits a box of banana bread mix AND a box of pumpkin bread mix. While it seems a teeny bit sleazy to claim to have made these treats from scratch and gift them off, if I doctor them with dried fruit, nuts or candy and substitute the liquids for liquor, and maaaayyybeee make a frosting, I feel like my innovativeness will surely balance out the part about it being from a box, right? Especially if the presentation is emphasized, I think the purchasing of a sweet little dishtowel to wrap them up in further compensates for the mix factor. Maybe I'll have to save this project for my parent's neighbors who gift me toe socks Every. Single. Year.

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Nov 20, 2012

Fabric Autumn Leaves

I sent off some Thanksgiving gifts the other day and wanted to include a special handmade something that screamed fall when the recipient opened up the box. I started out by rounding up some fabric in rich autumnal hues.
First I printed out a leaf image I found on the internet to use as a pattern. Make sure to print it on to thick paper so it holds up. You can download the one I used here (it's blurry, but you only need it for the shape anyway).
Next I cut squares of fabric to the approximate size of the leaf pattern and fused two different prints together (back to back) with a stem in the middle. I would have used twigs, but it's been so wet here I had to give up on that idea and used plastic grass strands I happened to have in my craft closet.
Up next was cutting out the fused fabric squares into the leaf shape. To add some more detail I fused the interfacing to some of the scrap fabric. I peeled off the interfacing paper and cut thin strips to make the leaf veins. I laid them out on the leaf shapes and ironed them on once they were placed just right.
The last step was to add a tiny drop of fabric glue to the base of the leaf. I used clothespins to keep the leaf crimped the way I wanted it until the fabric glue dried.
I placed the leaf face down so the recipient will get a colorful surprise when the turn it over. I am going to make some more before Thursday so I can decorate my dinner table with them. The only problem with sending them off was separating them. They looked so pretty all together!

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Nov 15, 2012

Seattle To Do's - Winter Edition

Tis the season wherein I stop leaving the house in the evening and opt to make curry soup and fall asleep watching the Simpsons at 9 when everyone else is out having fun (cough last night cough cough,) which is mostly fine with me. I do, however, want this season to be one in which I continue to be excited by the things around me instead of becoming too domestic and antisocial to be inspired. This may sound whiny- I chose to move to the pacific northwest- but I'm a human and humans get sleepy and weird when it's cold and wet and gray for 8 months straight. Fact. Here are some things I'm looking forward to eating, seeing and reading in the next month or so in my community.

Eating: The Wandering Goose Cafe

photo by Brendan Kiley

The Wandering Goose is a "Southern Influenced" cafe that recently opened. Featuring braised greens, biscuit sandwiches, pumpkin brittle and (classic) fried chicken, I CANNOT WAIT TO GO HERE. Bonus points that everything is under $13 and " Wandering Goose is warm and inviting with bright natural light streaming in through the east facing windows. The demising wall between the neighboring restaurant is made from vintage leaded glass windows allowing for even more light and a sense of openness in this tiny but magical café." Are you as sold as I am, yet?

Seeing: Storefronts Seattle

Storefronts Seattle is a "neighborhood support program," wherein the organization sets local artists up with empty storefronts in neighborhoods like Pioneer Square and Chinatown and permits them to take over the space and create art however they choose to. Not only does this sound like a rad concept but an awesome way to scope sweet in the community. I am looking forward to checking this out!

Reading: My Mother She Killed Me, My Father She Ate Me: A fairy tale anthology compiled by Kate Bernheimer
My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me is a book that I recently started reading and have been attempting to draw out finishing for as long as possible. Consisting of forty new fairy tales written by some of my favorite contemporary writers, what I find especially charming about it is how each author follows up their short story with a small note about which original fairy tale it was inspired from and some thoughts on what they've written. Some are flat out retellings and others are pulled from various sources, but all of them are just as surreal and fantastical and sad and twisted as the original fairy tales from hundreds of years ago. I've already renewed this from the library once- let's see how long I can draw out finishing it.

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Nov 9, 2012

New Item! Fancy Flower Hair Pins

I'm so excited to share this brand new item with you! We've been working on these Fancy Flower Hair Pins for a while now and they're finally available exclusively in our Etsy Shop (coming soon to our other shop too).
These hair pins come in an adorable wooden vase surrounded by eucalyptus. It's not only cute in your hair, but also on your dressing table in between wears.
The fabric covered, 1-inch button is surrounded by antiqued brass petals with linear details. The flower is attached to a heavy duty antiqued brass hair pin that is 2-inches long. Choose from a bunch of pretty print options.

I hope you love them!

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Nov 8, 2012

Pinspired #1: Picnic At Hanging Rock

Vivi Dot HQ has decided to begin a weekly showcase of whatever our current obsessions might be, highlighted via the infinitely creative resource that is Pinterest.com. Jonesin' for a photograph of a baby dressed as a hedgehog, a recipe for how to make your own wall paper, or maybe a necklace with a swan on it? Look no further.
For those unfamiliar with Pinterest, it's essentially a vast online resource for all things ever DIY/craft/art/fashion/recipe/film/EVERYTHING related. I feel like it's my duty to warn you that the site can be a bit of an internet black hole, so definitely proceed with caution.

For our first installment, I wanted to show some of my favorite film stills from a movie I watched this weekend that I snagged from Pinterest.com.
Picnic At Hanging Rock is a 1975 film adapted by Peter Weir from a book of the same title written by Joan Lindsay. Set in 1900 in Australia, the film tells the story of a group of women from an all girls college who go missing while picnic-ing at a field trip on Valentine's Day.

As mysterious, cerebral, eerie, and sad the film was, I think what touched me the most was the color scheme. I'm not much of a pastel person in my everyday life, but each film still is so saturated with earth tones, bright whites and delicate and warm hues that it's hard not to understand how the film became such a cult classic just based on its color choices alone.

Highly recommended for fans of sad and dreamy movies with not-so-happy endings (not a spoiler, a known fact!) and all color freaks out there.

(Though we love pinterst, it's sometimes hard to find the original source. We linked back images the best we could, but if you know the original source of any of these images, please let us know!)

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Nov 5, 2012

A Vivi Dot Wedding

A year a go today at this very moment, I was taking pre-ceremony photos and getting ready for the big event to begin. It's my 1 year wedding anniversary with the love of my life, Duncan. It's been an amazing first year of marriage and I can't wait to see what's next. Now for a look back on our big day.
We had everyone take Polaroids and write us a note to leave in the mailbox. It was so fun to open them after we got back from our honeymoon. The awesome portrait is by Danny Brito.
I gave Duncan this Indy look alike notebook by Melissa from Bubby & Bean quite a while ago. I loved that he used it for his vows. He stayed up late the night before rewriting them into this book. Oh how I love him!
We used a Gocco Printer to make these brown bags to hold Ranier's during cocktail/appetizer hour. We listed things that remind us of our early days of dating, way back in 2005. The place cards also doubled as wine charms so people could keep track of their drinks all night (their first name was on the charm, their last on the card, and their table number on the back).
I gave Duncan these buttons the day of the wedding so he could have Olive and Indy close to him since they couldn't join us on our big day.
We personalized our dessert table with an Indy and Olive replica by the super talented Katie of Skunkboy Creatures.
We had wood fired pizza for dinner from Veraci Pizza.
Costume change!
It has become a cousin tradition to double dutch at every wedding.
My bridesmaids and fellow dance teachers surprised the rest of the guests with a dance. You can see it in video form here.
I think this might be my favorite photo of the night. Thanks for looking back with me!!

All of these awesome photos were captured by our good friends from Love Me Sailor.

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