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Oct 9, 2012

Vintage Lumber Dog & Kitty Bowls

Things have been a little crazy, as per usual. Duncan and I returned from Turkey to an almost finished kitchen, an injured doggie, and a slew of wholesale orders to complete. We've been busy painting and working on the final details of our remodel, but we've also made time to really enjoy it. It's awesome to be back in the swing of making green smoothies for breakfast, brewing our own coffee and cooking every meal at home. We love going out to eat, but after a summer of doing pretty much only that it's fantastic to stay close to home, cooking up delicious fall meals in our shiny new kitchen.

We've also been keeping Fed Ex and UPS nice and busy delivering all sorts of things to complete this major project. One thing in particular that I'm absolutely in love with are the new dog and kitty bowls we purchased from Keystone Vintage Lumber via etsy.

Olive's tiny feeder is the cutest little thing and Indy's is the perfect height for him so he doesn't have to bend over much to chow down. He's becoming an old man pup pretty rapidly so anything we can do make life easier for him is much appreciated.
Indy will eat out of anything, but I was worried Olive might turn her nose up at a new eating arrangement. I'm happy to report that they're both pet approved and worth every penny spent.

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