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Oct 11, 2012

Quick Craft: Rit Dye

I'm one of those people that gets emotionally invested in their clothing. It's always been like this- over the years I've heard my mom retell the story of me insisting that she buy a clearance sweater at Target because "it's so ugly it'll be lonely" often enough to know that this is probably a curse that I will be stuck with forever.
Because of this, somehow I end up with half of my wardrobe consisting of things I feel too attached to to ever consider getting rid of, but rarely wear. The stained skull and cross bones sweatshirt that my best friend has had since the seventh grade, the now frayed dress I was wearing the day I met my boyfriend- how could I ever imagine getting rid of these things?!!
Recently I did a reevaluation of my closet, and pin pointed two articles of clothing- a white Romwe dress and a vintage beige silk button down shirt- that I loved dearly, missed wearing and certainly could never part with, but had deemed unwearable due to their weird colors. Solution? Turn em black, thanks to the help of a packet of Rit Dye! In typical me fashion I didn't bother to read the directions, which pleasantly resulted in my white dress turning a deep gray (I have a hunch this had something to do with the fabric being polyester, maybe?) and my beige shirt turning a dark, almost bluish black. I probably could've added at least two other articles of clothing to my pot of dye and achieved equally dark hues. Plus it was the easiest thing ever:

Stainless steel pot or bucket
Large utensil/Stirring mechanism that you will never put to your mouth again (chemicals, duh!)
4-ish cups of HOT (I boiled mine in a kettle) water- obviously this varies depending on size/quantity of dyed items
One packet of dye

Directions: Mix packet of dye in hot water and stir. Add in items and continue stirring, then go pet your house mate's cat for 10 minutes and come back to stir more. Once you feel like your items have achieved desired color, take em out, hand wash em with some detergent, and HURRAY! You now own new clothes, for a grand total of $2.99. Check out my newly madeover items below, and feel free to post the results of your easy crafting!

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