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Oct 18, 2012


Halloween has pretty much always been my favorite holiday, which I can mostly attribute to the fact that underneath it all I'm secretly a little goth. This makes the fact that my past few costumes have been sort of boring even more inexcusable. I'm still uncertain as to what costume I'm going to go for officially, but I'm in love with the gems I stumbled upon in my deep, dark and serious internet research.

Daria and Jane:
Street artist Banksy's famous stencil:
A heart:

(click on each image to be redirected to their source)

While it doesn't qualify as "big," this year I'm definitely going to put a little bit of care and consideration into whatever costume I end up wearing. Be sure to let us know what costume plans you've got up your sleeve this year!

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Sailor July said...

Being gothic = being awesome! I'm a good portion gothic, along with everything else that I am. It's a large part of my romantic, creative and confident side.

Also, Halloween is the best holiday ever. Jen and I normally go as something scary, and we may for trick-or-treaters, but our actual costumes this year are Princess Peach (me) and Princess Daisy (her) from Mario Bros!

Melissa said...

Okay, that Daria costume is amazing!!! I'm hoping to go shopping this weekend for some items for my costume.

<3 Melissa

Lily said...

@ Angie, Scaring trick or treaters sounds like the best time ever, and those costumes sound so lovely! Happy Halloween to you, hope this year is great! :)

@ Melissa- Right?! I can't believe I hadn't thought of the Daria costumes before, seeing as I already have a Jane haircut already! Good luck shopping, let us know what you end up with!