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Oct 25, 2012

Autumn Craftin'

FYI, Vivi Dot HQ takes crafting very, very seriously. We decided to take one for the team and devote some time to the extremely daunting task of DIY cocktails, cookie making, and skeleton shirt designing. You're welcome!

Molly whipped up concoction number one using pumpkin puree, apple cider, vanilla flavored vodka, ginger ale, clove, and cinnamon sticks. We liked it a lot and it made for an awesome fizzy drink on the sweeter side.
We both agreed that it's a cocktail perfect for someone who doesn't particularly love the taste of liquor, seeing as the vodka was virtually flavorless in comparison to the sharper ginger taste and the sweetness from the mix of apple cider and pumpkin puree. Plus, look how beautiful it turned out, and check out those rad glasses she scored at a garage sale:
Our next set of cocktails was more our schtick as it was stronger (as far as liquor taste goes, bring it on!!) and spicier. We don't have any photographic proof of its existence, but here's a makeshift recipe:

Combine in shaker: ice, spiced cider, a few whole cloves, fresh ginger, burbon,
Strain it/pour over ice and top it off with ginger beer for some bubbles.

Now that we had our drinks covered, it was business time: We're talkin' cookie making. Molly had found a recipe for molasses ginger snaps that looked easy and delicious that required normal cookie making stuff (eggs, flour, sugar, butter) plus ginger, molasses, and oats.

TBH a cookie is a cookie and unless you goof something up really terribly it's still going to be relatively delicious, but we were unenthused enough that it's not even worth it to post the recipe. I would liken the flavor to that of a sugar cookie- delicious base, but definitely missing something special. What would've sent em' to the next level? Candied ginger, walnuts, chocolate, or raisins. In any event, check out how cute they turned out:
Our last project was the skeleton shirt making. Molly saw one in person, which is what inspired us to try it out. We did some vague internet research before doing it ourselves, but mostly just followed a handful of pictures we found online. We came up with a couple of tips to make it easier-

1. Turn shirts inside-out and tape them. Once they've been sufficiently covered in the areas that will be cut up, use a brightly colored marker to trace your soon-to-be-cut skeleton design. The tape will make it easier to make a more precise cut because it will be taut, and (duh) knowing what to follow via tracing is pretty much always a good idea.
2. We alternated between using a fabric-specific pizza cutter/thing to go over the round parts of the design. I ended up using the scissors because I'm not the most precise visual artist in the world, but had I devoted more energy to using the other cutting tool it'd probably have turned out more defined. Take your time cutting and when in doubt, refer to a visual guide!
3. You, my friend, are done! Flip the shirt around again and bask in the glory of knowing that you made a fun, kinda edgy, super cute skeleton shirt of your own.

You can thank us for our hearty sacrifice by doing some fun crafting of your own. It felt like an awesome way to get into Autumn mode!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun way to party! That cocktail sounds delicious.

Lily said...

Highly recommended and super easy to make! :)