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Oct 29, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to you from the Vivi Dot team!

Molly as a child pageant star

Lily as a cat (photo by Eleanor Petry)

We hope the past week has been fun filled for you. Stay spooky!

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Pink Glove Campaign

Fact: PinkGloveDance.com is a national organization that focuses on spreading Breast Cancer awareness.
Another Fact: The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance has entered the National Pink Glove Dance Video Competition. My Mom, Pam, helped out by lending her choreography skills for the large group sections of the video! By voting for this video, you'll be helping the SCCA become one step closer to a $10,000 cash prize that will be donated to two community non profits that are an amazing resource to SCCA and it's patients- Gilda's Club and Cancer Lifeline.

Here's SCCA's eloquently-put take on what they do and why they're dancing:
"The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance unites doctors from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Medicine and Seattle Children’s in one world class treatment center. At the SCCA we work as a team: a team of patients, family members, faculty and staff working together each day to turn cancer patients into cancer survivors. Creating this Pink Glove Dance Video provided us a very unique and fun team opportunity to “glove up” and come together in a new way to honor our patients and their experiences. We chose the song, This One’s for the Girl’s, because the lyrics spoke to the hope and inspiration our patients, their families, and our larger community demonstrates to us every day. All of us in cancer care, all working together to find a cure--- “we are all the same inside, from 1 to 99, we dream with everything we have, all around the world."

Here are the simple steps to cast your vote:
1. Go to www.PinkGloveDance.com, click “start voting,” and “vote,” then scroll down to "S" to find SCCA's video.
2. Watch the video, if you haven't already!
3. VOTE by clicking the pink button. A box will pop up asking you to log into Facebook & “allow” the Polls app. You're done, and have supported the local chapter of an amazing organization!

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Oct 25, 2012

Autumn Craftin'

FYI, Vivi Dot HQ takes crafting very, very seriously. We decided to take one for the team and devote some time to the extremely daunting task of DIY cocktails, cookie making, and skeleton shirt designing. You're welcome!

Molly whipped up concoction number one using pumpkin puree, apple cider, vanilla flavored vodka, ginger ale, clove, and cinnamon sticks. We liked it a lot and it made for an awesome fizzy drink on the sweeter side.
We both agreed that it's a cocktail perfect for someone who doesn't particularly love the taste of liquor, seeing as the vodka was virtually flavorless in comparison to the sharper ginger taste and the sweetness from the mix of apple cider and pumpkin puree. Plus, look how beautiful it turned out, and check out those rad glasses she scored at a garage sale:
Our next set of cocktails was more our schtick as it was stronger (as far as liquor taste goes, bring it on!!) and spicier. We don't have any photographic proof of its existence, but here's a makeshift recipe:

Combine in shaker: ice, spiced cider, a few whole cloves, fresh ginger, burbon,
Strain it/pour over ice and top it off with ginger beer for some bubbles.

Now that we had our drinks covered, it was business time: We're talkin' cookie making. Molly had found a recipe for molasses ginger snaps that looked easy and delicious that required normal cookie making stuff (eggs, flour, sugar, butter) plus ginger, molasses, and oats.

TBH a cookie is a cookie and unless you goof something up really terribly it's still going to be relatively delicious, but we were unenthused enough that it's not even worth it to post the recipe. I would liken the flavor to that of a sugar cookie- delicious base, but definitely missing something special. What would've sent em' to the next level? Candied ginger, walnuts, chocolate, or raisins. In any event, check out how cute they turned out:
Our last project was the skeleton shirt making. Molly saw one in person, which is what inspired us to try it out. We did some vague internet research before doing it ourselves, but mostly just followed a handful of pictures we found online. We came up with a couple of tips to make it easier-

1. Turn shirts inside-out and tape them. Once they've been sufficiently covered in the areas that will be cut up, use a brightly colored marker to trace your soon-to-be-cut skeleton design. The tape will make it easier to make a more precise cut because it will be taut, and (duh) knowing what to follow via tracing is pretty much always a good idea.
2. We alternated between using a fabric-specific pizza cutter/thing to go over the round parts of the design. I ended up using the scissors because I'm not the most precise visual artist in the world, but had I devoted more energy to using the other cutting tool it'd probably have turned out more defined. Take your time cutting and when in doubt, refer to a visual guide!
3. You, my friend, are done! Flip the shirt around again and bask in the glory of knowing that you made a fun, kinda edgy, super cute skeleton shirt of your own.

You can thank us for our hearty sacrifice by doing some fun crafting of your own. It felt like an awesome way to get into Autumn mode!

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Oct 22, 2012

Spot The Dot: Steffy's Pros and Cons

We're loving Steffy of Steffy's Pros and Cons, who is looking as sweet as can be in our Red Sweater Kitty Cat Hair Clips! The Miami-based blogger has been on our radar for some time now as we're big fans of her fun eye for sweet styles. She's definitely an outfit whipper-upper- like, the kind of person who just knows how to pair pieces together. How she does it we're not sure, but we do know that we like what we see.

Her online shop is also a great resource for reasonably priced vintage pieces that are essentially flawless (can't stop won't stop droolin' over this velvet jumper , navy pixelation dress, and classy peter pan collar shirt,) don't you agree? Overall we're quite pleased that our clips went to such a good home.

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Oct 18, 2012


Halloween has pretty much always been my favorite holiday, which I can mostly attribute to the fact that underneath it all I'm secretly a little goth. This makes the fact that my past few costumes have been sort of boring even more inexcusable. I'm still uncertain as to what costume I'm going to go for officially, but I'm in love with the gems I stumbled upon in my deep, dark and serious internet research.

Daria and Jane:
Street artist Banksy's famous stencil:
A heart:

(click on each image to be redirected to their source)

While it doesn't qualify as "big," this year I'm definitely going to put a little bit of care and consideration into whatever costume I end up wearing. Be sure to let us know what costume plans you've got up your sleeve this year!

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Oct 16, 2012


As you probably know, we're less than a month from election day (it's on 11/6!). Not to get all Springsteen-y, but both Molly and I feel SO strongly about you utilizing your rights as an intelligent and powerful person with a voice that we're willing to woo you with free buttons.

Here are the deets: Post a pic to our Facebook page of you wearing your "I Voted" sticker (tip: you have to "like" us first). If you're voting absentee, fear not: Snap a picture of you with your ballot and that will suffice! Then simply shoot us a Facebook message with your mailing address. What do you get out of the deal? A set of three supersweet original pinback Vivi Dot buttons, and knowledge that you utilized your rights as an American to choose how you want the country to be run. Please remember that women weren't allowed to vote until 1920, and African Americans until essentially 1965, thanks to the Voting Rights Act. Dang.

If you're dying to have your buttons before the election, you can snag them in our Etsy store for a mere $3, including shipping.

Post your photographs no later than the seventh, and please feel free to steal this image and post accordingly to help spread the word. We want it out there!

Unsure if you've registered? Want to know where the nearest polling place is to you? CanIVote.org is a great resource.

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Oct 11, 2012

Quick Craft: Rit Dye

I'm one of those people that gets emotionally invested in their clothing. It's always been like this- over the years I've heard my mom retell the story of me insisting that she buy a clearance sweater at Target because "it's so ugly it'll be lonely" often enough to know that this is probably a curse that I will be stuck with forever.
Because of this, somehow I end up with half of my wardrobe consisting of things I feel too attached to to ever consider getting rid of, but rarely wear. The stained skull and cross bones sweatshirt that my best friend has had since the seventh grade, the now frayed dress I was wearing the day I met my boyfriend- how could I ever imagine getting rid of these things?!!
Recently I did a reevaluation of my closet, and pin pointed two articles of clothing- a white Romwe dress and a vintage beige silk button down shirt- that I loved dearly, missed wearing and certainly could never part with, but had deemed unwearable due to their weird colors. Solution? Turn em black, thanks to the help of a packet of Rit Dye! In typical me fashion I didn't bother to read the directions, which pleasantly resulted in my white dress turning a deep gray (I have a hunch this had something to do with the fabric being polyester, maybe?) and my beige shirt turning a dark, almost bluish black. I probably could've added at least two other articles of clothing to my pot of dye and achieved equally dark hues. Plus it was the easiest thing ever:

Stainless steel pot or bucket
Large utensil/Stirring mechanism that you will never put to your mouth again (chemicals, duh!)
4-ish cups of HOT (I boiled mine in a kettle) water- obviously this varies depending on size/quantity of dyed items
One packet of dye

Directions: Mix packet of dye in hot water and stir. Add in items and continue stirring, then go pet your house mate's cat for 10 minutes and come back to stir more. Once you feel like your items have achieved desired color, take em out, hand wash em with some detergent, and HURRAY! You now own new clothes, for a grand total of $2.99. Check out my newly madeover items below, and feel free to post the results of your easy crafting!

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Oct 9, 2012

Vintage Lumber Dog & Kitty Bowls

Things have been a little crazy, as per usual. Duncan and I returned from Turkey to an almost finished kitchen, an injured doggie, and a slew of wholesale orders to complete. We've been busy painting and working on the final details of our remodel, but we've also made time to really enjoy it. It's awesome to be back in the swing of making green smoothies for breakfast, brewing our own coffee and cooking every meal at home. We love going out to eat, but after a summer of doing pretty much only that it's fantastic to stay close to home, cooking up delicious fall meals in our shiny new kitchen.

We've also been keeping Fed Ex and UPS nice and busy delivering all sorts of things to complete this major project. One thing in particular that I'm absolutely in love with are the new dog and kitty bowls we purchased from Keystone Vintage Lumber via etsy.

Olive's tiny feeder is the cutest little thing and Indy's is the perfect height for him so he doesn't have to bend over much to chow down. He's becoming an old man pup pretty rapidly so anything we can do make life easier for him is much appreciated.
Indy will eat out of anything, but I was worried Olive might turn her nose up at a new eating arrangement. I'm happy to report that they're both pet approved and worth every penny spent.

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