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Sep 9, 2012

Spot the Dot: For Show Blog

Check out Christina Martinez of For Show looking super fly in our Sutro Park Necklace in Psychedelic Fleurs!

I've been a fan of her Oakland, CA based blog for months now, as it's refreshingly witty and more relatable (she talks about opting for a mere color change when she can't afford to get a full manicure and is candid about feeling silly for wearing hats) then a lot of the other fashion-y lifestyle blogs out there that I've begun to get increasingly bored with (I humbly request a flower crown hiatus) these days.

I will admit that as both Molly and myself have called the Bay Area our home at one point or another, I find myself experiencing a fiercely loyal kinship to anyone who knows that at one point or another they'll get sick from eating at the taco truck next to their house, yet can't resist. We can't be more pleased that our necklace has gone to such a good home.

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