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Sep 4, 2012

Fall Feelings

I hate to be that guy, but Summer is totally coming to a halt sooner then you might be willing to accept. We've got less than a month left of pretending we don't wish we'd worn a heavier sweater and being able to buy Blue Moon's Honeymoon Summer Ale (YUM!) at the corner store. Autumn happens to be a favorite season of both myself and Molly, so I can't say I'm totally heartbroken about Summer's swift departure. I think a lot of this comes from a place of the fact that what I love about Fall the most is the fact that it's a season that permits you to still dress well (when it's rained for 18 days in a row it's hard to throw energy into putting together a cute outfit,) and also enables some excuses for extra accessories (tights, knit things, socks, etc) that are really fun.

Here are some Autumn-esque items I stumbled upon on Etsy that are a great way to celebrate the crispest and coziest season.

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