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Sep 27, 2012

Heavy Rotation

Recently my boyfriend mentioned that I check out Mac Demarco, a 22 year old songwriter out of Canada. What he ended up doing was unearthing a can't-go-a-day-without-listening-to-at-least-one-of-his-songs kind of obsession.

His music is essentially just a bunch of weird croon-y fuzz pop-y goodness, which to me basically constitutes as perfect music. Feel free to check out his site here, and check out my favorite track of his, "My Kind of Woman," below.

Happy listening!

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Sep 17, 2012

An ode to instagram

Every few weeks I go through a mental process of sorts wherein I realize that I am connected to too many things. Between the countless social media platforms I belong to, it's becoming increasingly difficult to take a step back, and I am trying to be more aware and critical of how much time I spend with my face at a screen voluntarily. With that said, I LOVE INSTAGRAM.
I remember when it first came out, there was a bit of "I've been taking pictures like this for years with my fancy $75 camera so quit pretending this is art," but now even those people have one now, because let's face it: everyone loves a pretty picture.
What it boils down to for me is that it's a super accessible "show don't tell" approach to documenting your life, which you can't exactly say about your great uncle's facebook post about getting his car washed, now can you?
It feels really nice to me to be able to catch a glimpse of what other people are seeing, and what they care about capturing in their lives. Here are a handful of pictures, all by people I care about, brought to you by instagram.

All photos by friends and family, with the first and second belonging to myself and Molly, who happens to be IN TURKEY AS WE SPEAK. (JEALOUS MUCH??) in order of appearence: lilyeatsbooks, vividot, dana_kelly, natalieann416 (who is in Taiwan AS WE SPEAK), sampanther8, hanjowil, 2shy2try2try2try, and demip90 (who just got back from Italy!)

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Sep 13, 2012

Autumn Projects

My band mate is coming to New York October 1st, which means that I am about to have A LOT more spare time on my hands. This is a good thing in some ways (nod along sympathetically as I try to find the bright side, please!) as I occasionally experience lapses in which I find myself overwhelmed with my time/desire to do things ratio.
Here are some projects and DIY craft ideas of various sizes (read: easy but fun) that I hope to accomplish this fall.

Best idea ever? Somehow I'm not sick of the ombre look at all even though it's virtually everywhere all the time forever. All this takes is a little bit of paint and a boring dresser!

SWOOOOOOOOOON. Super simple and crazy delicious.

Style Marmalade broke down how to create the much-coveted galaxy legging. Basically all it requires is a pair of leggings and some bleach aka THIS IS MY DREAM PROJECT.

Again with the brilliantly simple ideas! This one comes to us via Papery and Cakery. Go to your nearest hardware store (mayyybeeeee not the same one you used for our first paint related craft) and have a hayday gathering samples, then casually assemble them in a space that needs some sprucing. Easy and cheap and insanely cool looking.

(All images were found on Pinterest.com and I credited the original source as much as possible. If you are familiar with the source of any of these, please let us know and we will link ASAP!)

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Sep 9, 2012

Spot the Dot: For Show Blog

Check out Christina Martinez of For Show looking super fly in our Sutro Park Necklace in Psychedelic Fleurs!

I've been a fan of her Oakland, CA based blog for months now, as it's refreshingly witty and more relatable (she talks about opting for a mere color change when she can't afford to get a full manicure and is candid about feeling silly for wearing hats) then a lot of the other fashion-y lifestyle blogs out there that I've begun to get increasingly bored with (I humbly request a flower crown hiatus) these days.

I will admit that as both Molly and myself have called the Bay Area our home at one point or another, I find myself experiencing a fiercely loyal kinship to anyone who knows that at one point or another they'll get sick from eating at the taco truck next to their house, yet can't resist. We can't be more pleased that our necklace has gone to such a good home.

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Sep 4, 2012

Fall Feelings

I hate to be that guy, but Summer is totally coming to a halt sooner then you might be willing to accept. We've got less than a month left of pretending we don't wish we'd worn a heavier sweater and being able to buy Blue Moon's Honeymoon Summer Ale (YUM!) at the corner store. Autumn happens to be a favorite season of both myself and Molly, so I can't say I'm totally heartbroken about Summer's swift departure. I think a lot of this comes from a place of the fact that what I love about Fall the most is the fact that it's a season that permits you to still dress well (when it's rained for 18 days in a row it's hard to throw energy into putting together a cute outfit,) and also enables some excuses for extra accessories (tights, knit things, socks, etc) that are really fun.

Here are some Autumn-esque items I stumbled upon on Etsy that are a great way to celebrate the crispest and coziest season.

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