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Aug 14, 2012

Poolside Excursions

Hello! Molly's off to Lovely Las Vegas this weekend for Pool Tradeshow.While the likelihood of her having any time to enjoy the 100 million degree weather is pretty slim as the trip is very much focused on dot slangin' (a BRILLIANT term coined by Molly at the last Urban Craft Uprising,) it's always kind of fun to think about what you would be wearing out there in the sun. Here are some poolside necessities that I found on Etsy:
What are your fashion staples in hot weather?

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Sailor July said...

Ah! That swimsuit and that cover up shirt rock my world and are in my favorite color - wish I had the $$$ to buy 'em!!!

Lily said...

Angie, I feel the same way! It's hard to justify spending money on such warm weather dependent clothing, especially living in the Pacific Northwest! :)