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Jul 30, 2012

Walls Coming Down

A year ago we had just closed on our house and were working on refinishing the hardwood floors that had been hiding under pink carpet for years. Now we're getting nice and dusty once again as we embark on our first major project - a kitchen remodel! On Saturday five of our friends came over and helped us tear down our kitchen and the walls that separate it from our living and dining room.
We crowbarred, sledge hammered and sawzalled our way through the walls, countertops and cabinets.
Check out the floors that were hiding away under the pergo flooring we had been living with. It's a nice tour of flooring through the years, isn't it?!
Duncan and I were on our own for day two. We tackled the ceiling with our full on head, eye and respiratory protection.
Now you can stand in the front yard and see all the way through to the back yard! It's going to be so amazing!
The professionals are coming in today to start with the hard stuff. They're hoping to have the new support beam in by the end of the week so the rest of the studs can come on down, opening it up for good. I can't wait to see the progress and keep you updated as we move through the project.

Olive's not not a fan of being locked in one room for safety reasons, but she's being a trooper. Poor Indy is worried sick though. He's ready for the noise to stop.

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1 comment:

Angie Bailey said...

Ooooh! So exciting, yay for you guys!!! I love home re-modeling. :D And Inspector Olive. ;)