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Jul 3, 2012

Vivi Dot at Urban Craft Uprising!

It brings me much pleasure to announce that Vivi Dot will be booth-ing it up at Urban Craft Uprising this coming weekend! Featuring over twenty gazillion (more like 100+) indie vendors from the PNW and beyond selling all things lovingly crafted and created, I'm really excited to see what they've got in store this time. If my memory serves me correctly, last winter I came home with a ceramic owl figurine, some cool zines, a tote bag, and a belly full of watermelon basil ice cream. Seeing as this year they're also featuring a handful of vintage/antique sellers, I am basically FREAKING OUT.

Over the next few posts I'll be showcasing some vendors I'm especially excited to check out this year. Don't forget to come say hi at booth #105, and feel free to check out Summer's 2012 vendor list here.

Anna Todoro Art: I'm fairly certain it's scientifically impossible for someone not to become a huge fan of Anna Todaro's work once they've had a chance to scope it out. Between her vibrant color usage (home girl isn't afraid of the mint greens and crystal blues, and I respect her for that) and her whimsical subject matter (a jackelope in a vintage poncho, Abe Lincoln with flowers in his beard, The Moon portrayed as a woman with a boutique-y lap dog) I think you'll agree. She also did this season's flyer!

Sage & Sea Sipping Vinegar : I'm kind of fanatic when it comes to ensuring that I've had my daily dose of Apple Cider Vinegar since it basically revamped my immune system last winter. Apparently, Sea & Sage makes a magic concoction of "A concentrated blend of fruit, sugar, and vinegar," that comes in flavors like strawberry-rhubarb, mint, and grapefruit. Sounds positively delightful to me! Also out of Portland, they provide the name of the farm that helped produce the flavor of your choice, so you know just how local your beverage experience is going to be. Smells a little Portlandia esque to me, in the best way possible.

Little Otsu Paper Goods: Portland based Little Otsu is for anyone with an affection for the sweetest and most simply crafted paper goods, including journals, planners, calenders, cards, and prints. Everything is printed on vegetable based inks on recycled paper, and they also run a small publishing company to support local artists they believe in. Basically, they're THE COOLEST.

Oh, Little Rabbit Housewares : My other place of work sells a handful of Oh, Little Rabbit's products, and I'm somehow not even close to sick of looking at them yet! Featuring a range of fabric items like dishtowels, totes, bedding, aprons and baby clothes, each piece has a uniquely sweet image. Any place that also fosters a fondness of the perfectly simple Mason jar is a friend of mine.

Hope to see you at the show!

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Anne Meyer said...

Great art! :)