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Jul 31, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

Unless you live under a rock (and no offense, if you do) chances are you've seen or heard about Wes Anderson's latest film, Moonrise Kingdom. Set in the summer of '65 somewhere in New England, this gem of a movie follows the story of two 12 year olds on a love fueled adventure. Chalk full of sweetness, I find myself immediately comparing Moonrise Kingdom to another favorite of mine, Harold and Maude. Both naive love stories tinged with an "us against the world" feeling while being incredibly sweet, charming, and brilliantly funny, I guess the comparison makes sense.

The visuals play a huge part in what makes this movie so overwhelmingly warm and pleasant- in true Anderson fashion, the detail and timelessness of every scene is flawless. Think knee high socks, hot dogs over the campfire, peter pan collars, tiny grey kittens, saddle shoes, ray ban sunglasses, portable record players, and epic adventures marked on homemade maps.

Oddly enough, in the month or so leading up to seeing Moonrise Kingdom a handful of similarly iconic and Moonrise-y images came up. Molly, who is also a dance instructor, was preparing for a tap recital that was choreographed to depict a scene of girl scouts around a campfire, which means that together we had the pleasure of assembling our own DIY campfire. We recently noticed that our friends at Assemble Gallery created an awesome window display that also featured a DIY campfire, which we can safely assume is Moonrise inspired. Cool, right?! One of the other projects in order to prepare for the dance recital included organizing approximately Seven Thousand Billion pairs of saddle shoes, so naturally both Molly and myself ended up with a pair. I know this sounds dumb, but these puppies are great for dressing up or down! Here's how we've been wearing em, as a nod to all the greatly naive adventurers out there.

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