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Jul 19, 2012

Heavy Rotation

Hot Chip's In Our Heads and Beat Connection's The Palace Garden are definitely the soundtrack to my summer. Hot Chip brings back amazing memories of when I first started dating Duncan 7 years ago. Lucky for us, they keep putting out good music to continue making memories to. Their first album will always remind me of our courtship and their newest release will forever remind me of our first year of marriage. Here's the crazy video for In Our Heads which was the first song on the album that jumped out at me.

Step one: Watch this weirdly awesome video
Step two: Download the whole album
Step three: Get in your car and turn it up
Step Four: Roll down those windows and play it on repeat until you can sing along

Next up is Beat Connection; a new to me band that Duncan introduced me to (he's my go to guy for new music). Palace Garden is another album that can be played all the way through and then somehow you'll find yourself wanting to start it all over again.

Step Five: Press play and soak up the sounds of 4am
Step Six: Listen for the sound that sounds like you're walking into a 7-11
Step Seven: Repeat steps 2-4 above

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