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Jul 24, 2012

Bookish Delights

Oh hey! In honor of recently re-instilling my "bus rides are only for book reading and not for mindless phone checking" rule, I thought I'd share some etsy gems that inspire the book lover in all of us. There's something so deeply iconic and classic about the librarian chic look that I sort of can't get enough of. Admittedly, I've only made it to Seattle's downtown library once or twice- I try to keep it local, and I'm lucky enough to live in spitting distance of TWO branches- but I will be fieldtripping it to the FriendShop, a volunteer run shop that features local artists and designers, with all proceeds going straight to the SPL. As if this store could get any cooler, Vivi Dot is the featured artist this month!

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Chelsea, Tea Talk said...

Cute post! Love your bus rule! XO

Rosalinda Morente said...

ahw! really love this items specially the sunglasses since its summer and the book pins, i love reading while on my way home or the office so most necessary than not i need this items. so cute!

Lily said...

Thanks so much! @chelseabird, it's been a really good way to get some much needed reading in. @rosalinda, I love the sunglasses too! So good for serious summer fun!