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May 15, 2012

A Vivi Dot Studio Tour on Modcloth

I have a lot of big goals for Vivi Dot and one of them was to have my line carried in one of my favorite online shops, Modcloth. Before I even had time to come down from the high of realizing that goal I was emailed by Laura from their editorial team asking if they could feature my work space on their blog. It was one of the best emails I have ever received. It was an 'oh my god it's all happening' kind of moment. So now three weeks later I don't have to hold it in any longer, I'm on the Modcloth Blog!
I'd love for you to click the image above to hop on over to the Modcloth blog post and check it out. Once you're done there come on back here and see the rest of the photos from my house/studio tour.

This is a close up of the mustard yellow metal container they mention in the post.
I covered these cork boards in book pages and attached them all together. I use it as a scrapbook so I can display some of my favorite keepsakes.
These ikea drawers are just perfect for storing all of my inventory, packaging needs, etc. 
We eventually want to knock down this wall in our kitchen so we didn't want to invest too much time making it pretty, but really needed to cover up the country classic chicken wallpaper that was on it. Our house came with chickens (fresh eggs!) and the previous owner was a big fan of carrying that theme over into the decor. I put up this temporary wallpaper and finished it off with an awesome portrait of Dolly Parton that I bought on Fab.com. I love the wallpaper so much that I also use it in my booth displays at trade shows.
I fell in love with this vintage thermos on Etsy and had to have it. The button arrangement was something I made for our guest book table at our wedding. 
My husband is a video editor so this entryway represents us both (him with a vintage camera and me with a sewing machine that was my Great Grandmother's). The Turkish evil eye is from one of my best friend's who now lives in Turkey. It's believed to ward off evil and bad energy. I refinished and painted the table for a bright pop of color right when you walk in the door.
As you can tell from my line of accessories and my living room, I'm not afraid of some bright pops of color. Duncan and I fell in love with the pigeon portraits by Jay Ryan (The Bird Machine) at Bumbershoot. All three of them are up in our living room. 
Thanks so much for coming on this tour with me and Modcloth!

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karen marie said...

That's so amazing! Love your room :)

M.M.E. said...

I have to ask: who made those outrageous pigeon portraits?!

Molly said...

The pigeons are by Jay Ryan http://thebirdmachine.com/

Allie said...

I am SO JEALOUS of your Dolly portrait! I need that in my life. She's my hero.

amanda said...

Wow - I LOVE everything! Awesome. I saw you on the ModCloth blog and had to check you out - I'm your newest follower! :)