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May 1, 2012

Shop Update

Oh, hi! Lily here.

You might've noticed that we went live this morning with a bunch of new Vivi Dot stuff, just in time for Spring. 150+ new pieces later, we couldn't be more pleased to show y'all what's new, so spread the word, internet mavens! Here are a handful of new items that I am especially drawn to.

My wardrobe is primarily of the gray, black and white variety, so being obsessed with these pieces just validates something I've known for a long time: I'm a coy color junkie. Special shout out to an oldie but goodie: Burger time hair pins. Definitely gives off a 50's bad girl I-hang-out-at-a-diner-and-make-fun-of-the-boys vibe, don't you think?

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karen marie said...

That stained glass watch necklace is all kinds of awesome!!

Unknown said...

I love the burger pins so so much. Congats on being with modcloth you totally deserve it!