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May 14, 2012

The Etymology of Vivi Dot

You may or may not know that the name Vivi Dot stems from my family. My Mom's Mother's name was Vivienne (Vivi or Viv for short), and my Dad's Mom, Dorothy, goes by Dottie or Dot. Grandma Viv passed away not too long before I was born so I also have the pleasure of having her name as my middle name. I believe that all of the characteristics that drive me to run a creative based business come from my family so it seemed appropriate to incorporate them into my brand's name.

One day I was digging around in my Mom's jewelry drawer and came across this amazing pin back button. Believe it or not, this is my Grandma Vivi! It blows my mind that somewhere along the way she decided she needed a button made of herself.

My grandma was a button maker! Ahh I still get giddy and excited every time I think about that.

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