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Oct 11, 2011

Wedding Day Crunch Time

My wedding day is only twenty-five days away! Duncan and I have been plowing through our todo list and we're feeling pretty good about things. I keep waiting for the S*#T to hit the fan which I'm sure it will, but right now we're making things happen at a quick, but bearable pace. We're making sure we keep things fun by feuling our wedding craft days with good music, movie marathons and mimosas. Mimosas

The big planning pieces are done for the most part and now it's all about executing the DIY aspects of the event which is the best part for me. Right now I'm in the midst of making a belt for my dress, boutonnieres for the boys, jewelry for the girls, centerpieces, and place cards (to name a few). I've also enlisted a few of my favorite artists to contribute to our decor to make it extra special and personal. I am getting all kinds of excited for the big day and can hardly wait for when I get to share all the little details here on the blog.

My Mom and soon to be Mother in Law are doing all of the flowers for our big day so we got up way too early on Sunday and explored the wholesale flower market. We came up with some pretty ideas for the centerpieces and the bouquets so I'm really excited to see how they all come together. Purple Wedding Flowers

I had a professional blow out last weekend to confirm that it's what I want to do the day of the wedding. I figure it's a good way to start nice and smooth and then put the curls back in myself. It's less nerve wracking then hoping for a good curl day. I won't be wearing it all down, but here's a peek at how the curls will hopefully look- Next week is my makeup trial which I'm very excited for! If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed I'm on the lookout for good wedding makeup options for my dark hair, blue eyes combo.

And now I'll leave you with little Olive all wrapped up in ribbon from one of our wedding gifts.Crate & Barrel Kitty

I'm off to my dress fitting tonight! It's all happening people! It's ALL happening!Pin It


Heather Marie said...

This is so exciting! I love hearing about all your preparations. Your hair is gonna look perfect with your dress. Eeeeeek!!!

Stevie said...

So fun!!! It sounds like it's going to be a really special day - those extra DIY details make things so personal and memorable.

Who's doing your hair and makeup? I'm on the hunt for someone but I'm overwhelmed by the options. We're getting married on Orcas Island so I need someone who's willing to travel (even though it's not THAT far).

The curls look so beautiful!

Sanam said...

Super lovely blog :)

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Sara Torregrosa said...

Just let you know I posted your banner on my blogroll :)