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Sep 1, 2011

Thrifted Love

Just look at this love seat! I've passed by Antika nearly one hundred times on my way to dance, but have never been able to go in. A few weekends ago when Duncan and I were out running errands for the wedding we spotted this lovely mid century piece in their window. The parking gods also thought we should stop in so they granted us a parking spot right out front!
This store is worth a trip to Seattle! I couldn't help but think of all of you vintage lovers out there as a perused their perfectly curated rooms filled with furniture, home accessories and other fun trinkets. I braced myself as I started checking out the price tags, but was pleasantly surprised. The prices seemed fair and approachable, much more so than other similar shops that only seem to price the items for collectors who are will ing to pay an arm and a leg for something specific.
Mid Century Love Seat
I hope to go back again soon once I'm off this strict wedding budget. We allowed this purchase to bend the budget rules by deciding to use it in our photobooth - two uses is always better than one!

A little PS- I've been sad that I've been unable to post more regularly, but let's face it until the wedding is over posting will likely be light. I'll pop in with posts when I can and plan to really recommit myself to a blog post schedule mid November (just in time for the holidays)! Pin It