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Aug 18, 2011

Doorbell Makeover

Our house was built in 1946 and there are a lot of wonderful nods to that era in the design. The doorbell with its long chimes and its own little cubby in the wall is definitely one of those features. Unfortunately, the brown plastic housing and gold metallic material that topped off the pretty chimes was well past its prime.Doorbell Makeover BeforeI had this doorbell makeover project planned before this house was even officially ours so it was extra fun to finally execute the update. The best part of this project is that it cost me zero dollars because I used materials I already had. I found a spray paint fabric combination I loved and got to work. With a few coats of robins egg blue spray paint and some fabric glue to cover the board that fit into the frame, I was done! Our 1946 doorbell now has a touch of today! Doorbell Makeover - After
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Aug 12, 2011

August Birthday Love

My birthday is coming up this weekend (the 14th to be exact) so it's been fun to see who else in the blogging community was born around the same time. I have been pretty behind on my twitter feed lately but I have been by enough to pick up on all of these lovely leo's birth dates (so sorry for anyone I've left out). It makes me feel like the universe really gives the August babies an extra dose of creativity and drive. All of the images I used are pulled from each birthday girl's/boy's blog so just click on each one to be sent straight there.

Happy happy Birthday!
Danny Brito
Miss James
Betsey J
Liz (srsly)
Rachel Denbow
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Aug 9, 2011

Pool and Persimmon

Jeni and Keith have made an appearence here on the Dot Girl Blog before when I helped them save the date for their wedding. That date they had us save came and went over the last weekend. I had such an incredible time being a part of their beautiful, thoughtful wedding weekend on the Russian River in Northern California. Jeni & Keith Get Married!Every little detail was thoughtfully executed. Jeni, the bride, was the visionary and her family and friends helped her execute everything she had dreamt up. It was such a collaborative, pretty weekend filled with love that I think I'm still glowing in the aftermath of it all. There was an outpouring of love for the couple vocalized through amazing toasts, poems, songs composed especially for them and so much more. They are beautiful people inside and out and this amazing weekend of events was a fantastic reflection of them and the love all of their family and friends have for them.

Top left: Jeni's parents who are stunningly gorgeous * Top right: table decor * Bottom left: tasty cocktails with pretty straws * Bottom right: Rice Crispy Cake! Wedding

I love me some market lights above a dance floor!Market Lights

Me and Stacey (2 of 6 Bridesmaids):Bridesmaids

A photo booth print and a party party favor:Photo Booth Wedding

Seamus even flew out from NYC for the doggie friendly affair:Seamus the Dog

Congratulations to Keith and Jeni! If your wedding is any indication of your future life together then I'd say you're in for a beautiful ride!
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