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Jul 11, 2011

So in Love

I've been so focused on buying a house that wedding planning couldn't be further from my mind. I guess I can only handle one major life event at a time. I haven't looked at a wedding magazine or blog in weeks, but today I got sucked in for a few minutes and was instantly inspired to get back to it. Ron & Dominique on 100 Layer Cake(photos by Joielala Photographie via 100LayerCake Blog)

Ron and Dominique aren't just any stunning bride and handsome groom, they're our friends! Duncan and I weren't able to make it to their amazing wedding because it was the same weekend as the end of the year dance recital. It's obvious we missed a beautiful wedding and a rockin party. Waaaa!

Ron and Dominique are also the talented twosome behind Love Me Sailor Photography. They did our engagement shoot and will be photographing our wedding as well!

Make sure to go over to 100LayerCake.com to see all three parts of their spectacular wedding.
Wedding Part 1
Wedding Part 1
Wedding Part 1
Unfortunately, I can't spend any time on creative wedding projects until after the move is complete later this month. I'll be heading to what will surely be another inspiring wedding the first week in August. Once I return I'm going to come back to these posts about Ron and Dominique's wedding to get my wedding planning excitement running on high once again.Pin It


Nikki Mortham said...

Sounds like you are a very busy girl, good luck with the move AND the planning!
PS: Giveaway over at my blog, check it out! http://nikkibit.blogspot.com/2011/07/upcycled-jewelry-giveaway.html

Moorea Seal said...

SO SO SO awesome, holy crap.

And good luck with all the moving stuff before planning your wedding. Sheesh, it's crazy how when it rains it pours with most aspects of life. You'll get it all done and knowing you, you will do it all really well and gracefully with a great attitude.
xo Moorea

Heather Marie said...

I just started planning my own wedding, and thanks to your tweet earlier, I found 100 Layer Cake. Such an amazing blog!

Ms. Dee said...

Oh my gosh those photos are amaaaaaazing! Her headpiece is stunning.