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Jul 25, 2011

Signed Sealed (keys) Delivered - She's Ours!

It's official! As of Thursday evening Duncan and I are home owners! Our House!
I'm overwhelmed with excitement and can hardly wait to get settled. We have been working our butts off ever since we received the keys. We've ripped out the dirty old pink carpet, hauled it to the dump (all 600 pounds of it), pulled out all of the nails and staples, sanded the floors, scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom, packed, and started the moving process. My mom came over both Saturday and Sunday to help me with the kitchen which is pretty much set. The rest of the house is empty and filled with dust from the hardwood floor project, but we've got a kitchen! The backyard is just perfect too. We brought over our patio furniture so we have a place to relax when we need a break.

We've got a huge todo list that needs completing before we move all of our furniture this Saturday, but we'll get there. Moving is horrible, but knowing we won't have to do it again for years makes it WAY easier. I hope you're ready for lots of posts related to decorating, home improvement, and caring for chickens in the coming months. I know I can't wait!Pin It

Jul 20, 2011

Baby Love

I saw my little niece Audrey Jean four times in the first few months of her life. Since then I've been surviving on facetime calls, photos, and videos... until last weekend. It was so fun to finally see this little cutiepie in person. She's the happiest little baby I've ever met and has quite the personality. I love her to pieces and can't wait to see her again in September. Audrey Jean 7 monthsAudrey Jean
This one of her sleeping is my absolute favorite!Audrey SleepingPin It

Jul 11, 2011

So in Love

I've been so focused on buying a house that wedding planning couldn't be further from my mind. I guess I can only handle one major life event at a time. I haven't looked at a wedding magazine or blog in weeks, but today I got sucked in for a few minutes and was instantly inspired to get back to it. Ron & Dominique on 100 Layer Cake(photos by Joielala Photographie via 100LayerCake Blog)

Ron and Dominique aren't just any stunning bride and handsome groom, they're our friends! Duncan and I weren't able to make it to their amazing wedding because it was the same weekend as the end of the year dance recital. It's obvious we missed a beautiful wedding and a rockin party. Waaaa!

Ron and Dominique are also the talented twosome behind Love Me Sailor Photography. They did our engagement shoot and will be photographing our wedding as well!

Make sure to go over to 100LayerCake.com to see all three parts of their spectacular wedding.
Wedding Part 1
Wedding Part 1
Wedding Part 1
Unfortunately, I can't spend any time on creative wedding projects until after the move is complete later this month. I'll be heading to what will surely be another inspiring wedding the first week in August. Once I return I'm going to come back to these posts about Ron and Dominique's wedding to get my wedding planning excitement running on high once again.Pin It

Jul 6, 2011

Summer in Seattle

If my lack of blog posts wasn't already a dead giveaway then let me fill you in - it's been a crazy few weeks. My calendar shows no sign of letting up, but it's okay with me because there's a ton of exciting things going on. I've got a bachelorette party weekend in Portland for one of my best friends, a wedding in Idaho and we're closing on our house (knock on wood, barring no unexpected hiccups, etc) all before the end of the month! Plus it's light from about 5 am until 9:30 pm so I've got extra daylight to make things happen. Speaking of, I'm also trying to squeeze in as much outside time as possible to make sure that the amazing Seattle summer doesn't escape me.

Here's what I've been up to....
This is the view through my shades on my first trip out on Lake Washington this past weekend. It doesn't get much better than being on a boat on an 80 degree day! I heart the sunI went down south for a wedding shower and got even closer than normal to the beautiful Mt. Rainier. I will miss the peekaboo view of this beauty we have from our rental house now.Mount RainierDuncan's friends flew up from LA and SF and road tripped down the coast, camping and hitting a bunch of skate parks along the way (it was Duncan's Bachelor party). I got one night in Seattle with all of them before they took off.Skateboard Bachelor PartyNothing's ever official until we get those keys, but we're getting close on the house! It has a chicken coop with 5 chickens in the already amazing backyard. I can't wait for it to be ours!!Backyard Chicken CoupI've been trying to get in some evening sun after work each day. Don't let this Instagram photo filter fool you - I am as white as can be. Sun TanningAnd of course little Olive and big Indy have been hanging with me as always.I heart my animalsHope you all had a great 4th of July weekend! What's new!!?Pin It