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Jun 23, 2011

Miss You!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello real quick. House hunting, dance recitals, guests from out of town, retirements and birthdays have made for a busy week. I will be back as soon as possible to fill you in on all of the exciting things that have been happening. I look forward to catching up on what I've missed on all of your blogs shortly too, but in the meantime tell me what's new in the comments! Cat PortraitThis is my new favorite photo. I think it looks like Olive is posing for a fancy painting here.Pin It


Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

SO fancy! Your pets are all ridiculously cute.


Shirley said...

Love this picture! The cat sort of glows.

killing birds is not art said...

cute cat, looks like mine

stopping by from leigh anns blog