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Jun 1, 2011

6 years and 90 days

I was so looking forward to Memorial Day weekend. Duncan was finally coming home after being gone for two weeks and we were excited to celebrate our six year anniversary on Saturday. The universe decided to rock our little world on Friday though when we received a letter from our property management company letting us know that house we've been renting was going to be for sale and we have 90 days to vacate. 90 DAYS!
Little Problems Big World
We're used to California renters laws where the renters are, for the most part, in control of when they want to leave. In San Francisco you have to pay to make people move when you want to sell the property. We knew this wasn't the case here, but also never imagined our time would be cut so short. We wanted to stay here for another year (resigning a lease in August) so we could focus on the wedding and then get ready to buy a house the following year. The last thing we want to do is move especially since we were just starting to feel settled (we moved from San Francisco in August). But here I am, a mere 5 days later with loan applications, meetings with realtors and our first open houses already completed.

No matter what we end up doing- buying, renting, moving into storage unit- it all has to happen in 90 freaking days. That's really, really overwhelming. It's going to be a wild ride keeping up with my increasingly busy day job (headed to DC next week for a meeting), teaching dance (with the end of the year recital in a few weeks), weddings and showers to attend and a wedding of our own to plan and pay for. I'm sad to say so long to that fun summer hanging out in the yard we've been working so hard on and hello to new plans.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited about the idea of buying a house and feel so very lucky that we've been good savers and are in the position to do so even though it's so much sooner than expected. I am also extremely thankful that I have my best friend by my side to keep me sane through the roller coaster of emotions this process will surely take us on. If I could see into the future to our 12 year anniversary I'm confident that we'd both be looking back on this time and think, 'dang that was a crazy, but it definitely worked out for the best.'

Whenever I get especially flustered and caught up in the details and the todo's I just remind myself that this 'problem' is just a bump in the road and really not a problem at all in comparison to what other people have to deal with. How do you put your 'problems' in perspective and calm yourself down? Any tips? Thanks for letting me vent!

The photo above is one of our engagement shots by the always fabulous Love Me Sailor Photography. In this instance let's title this one - Little Problems, Big World.Pin It


Moorea Seal said...

aw my sweet friend. I'm so sorry this just popped out of nowhere! it's ridiculous! If you ever are feeling overwhelmed and lonely while you work your ass off in the next 90 days, me and my work can come by and join you in your studio just so you do feel so alone in it all. I know your man goes on trips a lot so seriously, if you ever need a buddy to come cheer ya up and work side by side with you, I'd love to come join you.

xo moorea

Jacqueline said...

what a horrible blow! i hope an even better place will open up for you very soon! the engagement photo is so lovely.. Xx

Sarah Rooftops said...

Ooh, I hope this all leads you to a wonderful new home of your own. I don't really have coping tips; I'm just quite good at realising that there is NOTHING I can do to change the situation - no, not even lying awake at night obsessing about it - so I may as well just wait it out and deal with things as they come.

Bonita Rose said...

U will find the most perfect place. The universe is already conspiring. xo hugs