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May 25, 2011

The table is set!

Duncan and I love to cook and entertain so, unlike many couples, registering for some fancy dishes actually seemed like a good idea for us. We planned to use them when we host holiday dinners and other festive occasions. Well, last week I removed all of those dishes from our wedding registry because my Grandma (Dot) is giving me her Spode Geisha China!! I couldn't be more excited to have these beautiful dishes passed down to me.Spode DishesGrandma picked this pattern out when she was sixteen years old. Sixteen! I'll be twice that age when I tie the knot! When the dishes were shipped over from England they sent the wrong pattern so Grandma had to send them back. When they resent the correct dishes they sent two sets of eight instead of one! This means I have sixteen place settings to work with (minus a few casualties). The creamer and sugar bowl are the daintiest, prettiest little things too! I can't wait to host my first dinner party with these beauties.

Grandma is one my most loyal blog readers so I want to say directly to her- Thank you so, so much! I'm honored to be the recipient of these amazingly lovely dishes! I know Duncan and I will have so many great memories with them just like you, Papa and the rest of the family already have.Pin It


miss alix said...

these are just lovely. the pattern is beautiful. i think inherited china is the best.

Unknown said...

That's so awesome! I love when items in your home have a story. Best one I've heard yet.

rosieposie said...

oh my! they are so lovely. i absolutely adore them - you lucky gal having them passed down to you <3

Sarah Rooftops said...

Oh, these are BEAUTIFUL and what a lovely story.

Sailor July said...

Oh my *gosh* these are BEYOND gorgeous! What fantastic style your grandma has!!! I love fancy plates. ^_^

stacie said...

So beautiful, Molly! I'm bit jealous, I'd love some pretty, inherited china for my own. Sigh. Will have to stick to thirfted china for now ;)