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Apr 27, 2011

Saving the date

A Bus Stop Engagement
One of my best friend's Jeni is getting married this summer and I am so excited to be a part of it. Not only am I in the wedding, but she also asked me to help her with some of the design elements for her big day. Jeni and Keith's romance began on the bus in San Francisco (you can read about their adorable 'how we met' story here) . Keith kept the Muni love alive and proposed at the bus stop so it was only appropriate to go with a bus theme for their save the dates. Here's what I put together for them. Bus Save the DateAnd the back: Bus stop Save the DateI'm really excited to share the save the dates for my wedding with you all very soon!Pin It

Apr 21, 2011

Seven Nation Army

I grew up dancing and started teaching my Senior year of high school. It was hard to leave the dance studio behind when I moved to San Francisco after college and I was so excited to get back into it when I returned to Seattle this year. Each spring the performing group puts on a show and I choreographed a dance to 7 Nation Army by The White Stripes. The dancers in the number are all a part of the Red Team in a gruesome game of capture the flag. They battle against the other team that is just out of sight from the audience's perspective. Here's a video of the dance with footage from a run through rehearsal, dress rehearsal and the actual show.

Seven Nation Army - Dance Theatrics from Vivi Dot on Vimeo.

Since each dancer is in so many numbers we try to keep the costume costs down to a minimum (under $20). I headed to the Goodwill up the street hoping to piece together a bunch of red items that I could tie together to look like a rag tag uniform. I started browsing the mens jackets and instantly found some cargo pocketed vests made for construction workers, or so the tag suggested. They were black with a reversible red plaid on the other side and there were tons of them. I managed to find 6 smalls and I felt confident now that I had a base to build on. Oh! To top it off all of the items in their new/unused section were 50% off so they were a whopping $10 a piece.

After I scored with the vests I started wandering through the other unused aisles feeling like a contestant on my own Project Runway challenge. "Use only what the dancers already have, combined with what's in these three aisles to create a signature look for your own choreographed dance." I was up for the challenge and continued to get creative. I also purchased winter knit headbands in a fair isle print to put around the top hat (originally $2, only $1 that day) and red and black plaid 'cashmere feel' scarves (originally $3, only $1.50 that day). I wanted to find some socks to turn into fingerless gloves but nothing was quite right. I was able to fill that need by buying black and red striped kids tights elsewhere ($6 which was cheaper than the adult version) that i cut the legs off of and cut two holes in the foot (one for all 4 fingers and another for the thumb).

I made these super simple flower brooches with an extra scarf.DIY Fabric Flower BroochAll you have to do to recreate these is cut the scarf into a rectangle like this: Fabric Flower Brooch
Then scrunch down the center and tie up the middle with some string, cutting off loose string ends. DIY Flower BroochNext you can use fabric glue to connect the edges, turning the bow shape into a circle. Plaid Fabric BroochTrim any uneven areas to create a nice round circle.CutAdd a button to the center and a brooch pin to the back and you're ready to go!
7 Nation Army CostumeI gave each girl a pair of Solid Red Vivi Dot Earrings and they wore black leggings, a top hat and converse style shoes they had from another number. I think they make a pretty good looking 'Red Team' for $18.50 (not counting the brooch or earrings which I didn't charge them for)!

Thanks, as always, to Duncan for editing the video together for me. Next I'll share a dance that I co-choreographed and danced in. Thanks for reading!Pin It

Apr 19, 2011

Time Flies!

I was quickly in San Francisco for work last week and immediately jumped into overdrive when I got back. I have a big order of watches that I'm hoping to send out by Thursday so that's consumed my after work hours. Once all 160 of these babies are on their way to Germany I look forward to blogging some fun new things. Come back soon to see a peek into another one of my jobs... a dance teacher!
Oh! I almost forgot! I'm sponsoring Liz's lovely blog this month so get on over there to enter a giveaway that's open until the 26th!
Hope you're all having a great week!Pin It

Apr 8, 2011

Instagram Love

Instagram is just too much fun! I especially love that people that can't be convinced to join twitter have fallen in love with sharing pics via this ap. Here are some of the favorites I've taken over the last few weeks.

Bastille is one of my favorite restaurants in our neighborhood. The food is delish and I adore the decor. We sat at the fire pit table and had brunch before picking up some pretty fleurs at the farmer's market that's right outside their front door. Fireside BrunchI was a featured artist at the Seattle Public Library Gift Shop. The building is incredible and the shop is just the cutest! Seattle Library GlassI did some shopping during the event as well and this mousepad was one of my finds. MousepadDuncan spotted this amazing kitty card at the Friendshop too. Doesn't it look just like Olive? You can see more awesomely dressed up animals by Takkoda here.Olive as AudreyI sent off a big wholesale order to Ruche and also picked up a few dresses from them in preparation for my summer of weddings, showers and bachelorette parties. Shop RucheI finally really cleaned up my workspace after months of missing the clean table top. Vivi Dot HQThere have been glimpses of spring trying creep through the gray days.Springtime in SeattleThis guy has been handsome as always. Handsome IndyAnd this little lady likes to watch for us to return from Indy's walks. Olive WaitingWe explored Freemont, our neighboring neighborhood.FreemontI got my Vivi Dot spring items live in the shop! This Beauty Bar Doors Polaroid Necklace is constantly adorning my neck these days. Polaroid NecklaceSo if you haven't hopped on the Instagram train yet, get on it! Oh and follow me so I can follow ya back and watch your adventures too (search for vividot). Hope you all have a lovely weekend!Pin It

Apr 5, 2011

Seattle Public Library - Friendshop

Vivi Dot will be a featured artist at the Seattle Public Library (central branch) this coming Thursday, April 7th! Come by the Friendshop from 3pm to 6pm to browse all of my latest products and shop for a cause. Half of all of my sales will benefit the library; supporting programs, services, events and other special initiatives. In addition to feeling all warm and fuzzy for supporting a fabulous cause you'll also get to see the incredible library itself.
Seattle Public Librar
Take a tour!
Seattle Library- Central Branch
Ride the chartreuse escalator for a great view of Elliott Bay and beyond. Chartreuse Escalator
Check out what else the Friendshop has to offer. Just look at how cool it is opened and closed! Friendshop Seattle Library I'll be stocked with extra bookmarks and Book Lover Polaroid Necklaces for the occasion. Hope to see you Thursday!
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Apr 1, 2011

My Spring Shop Update Is Live!

What a week! Work has been crazy busy, I've finished up three more wholesale orders AND.... the Vivi Dot Spring/Summer update is live! I am especially fond of the fabric prints we created for this season and I'm so excited that they're finally photographed, described and ready to share with you all. There are two new Polaroid Necklaces (my collabo with Diana from Our.City.Lights) and they just so happen to be my new favorites. I'd love it if you checked out what's new and let me know what you think. Thanks as always!Vivi Dot Spring UpdatePin It