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Mar 11, 2011

Cat Fish

I picked up a a cute little fish toy filled with organic catnip when I was at the Holiday Bazaar Bizarre at Fort Mason last year. Olive has never had a toy that she loved more. She's licked it and clawed it and rolled over it so many times that it's looking pretty pitiful these days.catfishI'm sure after three months the catnip is no longer what's drawing her to this little guy either. Maybe it's the material (made of Eco-Fi polyester felt made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles) that allows her to hold it up to her face with her little paw?Olive with her fishyThank goodness the little tag is still in tact so I was able to track down the crafty lady who I bought it from. In addition to the fish for your feline friends, Ana Apple Designs is an etsy shop filled with adorable little onesies, bibs (little Audrey has one), wallets, and totes. Ana Apple DesignsMy set of three fish arrived the other day and I was so happy to see that Olive loves them just as much as her original favorite. Catnip Fish ToysPin It


Ana Apple said...


Thanks so much for the feature! Olive looks adorable, and I'm glad the fish got lots of love :)

I've got a new cat product coming out soon (a 'fishing pole' with a couple of these toys hanging from the line), and will be sure to send one for Olive to test drive!

Thanks again :)

Chelsea, Tea Talk said...

Awwwwh, I love cute pets and their toys! My dog is in desperate need of a new doggie sock, but he just can't give his old one up!