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Feb 23, 2011

A Sea of Dots

Duncan and I are back from our trip to Vegas for the POOL trade show! It was my best show yet and am so excited to get cranking and share the new line with all of you!
We've been buried in a sea of dots lately - from prepping for the show to filling orders now that we're back. No table surface has been left uncovered.
A Sea of Vivi DotsWe've been working hard to fill save the date magnet orders too.
Save The Date MagnetsWe snapped this pic from the airplane window on our way to Vegas. The Mountain!Mt. RainierWe got in some quality time with our cutie niece Audrey (my heart melts seeing Duncan with her). Once we got back we made sure to take some time for ourselves this last weekend. We made sushi, taste tested desserts for our wedding, and enjoyed just hanging on the couch without multitasking for the first time in over a month. We treated ourselves to new iPhones too! Here's the first pic we took BeersIt's been so long! Tell me what I missed and what you've been up to.Pin It

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