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Feb 9, 2011

Light Your Valentine's Fire

Matchbox ValentinesThis is a super cute and simple little gift to give your loved ones on Valentine's Day. They've always been a big hit when I've given them over the years and I can't believe I haven't shared a tutorial on them sooner. The trickiest part of the whole project is finding matches in boxes. They're one of those things that you see all over, but when you need to actually find them they can be hard to track down.MatchboxesGo through your craft supplies and pull anything pink and red and start getting creative!Pink and Red Craft SuppliesGlue is an obvious option, but I definitely prefer my Xyron Sticker maker. It saves time and it isn't messy like glue. I start by covering the top and bottom of the matchbox with a paper that's thick enough to hide the text on the box. Make sure to leave the sides uncovered so you can still light the matches on them. I suggest starting with the paper a little too big and then cut off the excess so the edges are nice and lined up.Xyron Sticker MakerNow think fire, burning love and other hot little Valentine's Day sayings and get decorating! I layered hand cut hearts, stickers, washi masking tape and origami paper, but anything goes.You Light My FireRed Hot LoveI Burn For You!I Burn For You!These cute little gifts from the heart make a great stand alone Valentine. You can also give them with a scented candle or even take most of the matches out and put a tiny little gift or a special love note inside. xox Happy crafting!Pin It


Little Tree Vintage said...

thats so cute! i love the idea, so creative!

Michelle Clement said...

Ohmygosh - this is such a rad DIY!! :) Awesome!