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Feb 23, 2011

A Sea of Dots

Duncan and I are back from our trip to Vegas for the POOL trade show! It was my best show yet and am so excited to get cranking and share the new line with all of you!
We've been buried in a sea of dots lately - from prepping for the show to filling orders now that we're back. No table surface has been left uncovered.
A Sea of Vivi DotsWe've been working hard to fill save the date magnet orders too.
Save The Date MagnetsWe snapped this pic from the airplane window on our way to Vegas. The Mountain!Mt. RainierWe got in some quality time with our cutie niece Audrey (my heart melts seeing Duncan with her). Once we got back we made sure to take some time for ourselves this last weekend. We made sushi, taste tested desserts for our wedding, and enjoyed just hanging on the couch without multitasking for the first time in over a month. We treated ourselves to new iPhones too! Here's the first pic we took BeersIt's been so long! Tell me what I missed and what you've been up to.Pin It

Feb 10, 2011

Will You Be My Valentine & Bridesmaid?

Duncan and I went back and forth about our wedding party. We had the common problem of do we go small (just our siblings) or do we go big (which means 8 on each side)? It hit me like a ton of bricks one night. What am I thinking!? Of course we need all of our besties involved. Once that was decided I wanted to ask each one of my ladies in very special way. Here's what I put together:
Be My Bridesmaid?I started out by creating a graphic filled with fun fonts in the colors of l-o-v-e. Once I cut those out I attached them to some pink card stock and started decorating the back.
Valentine's Day SurpriseEach card was unique and had a cute little gingham pocket for a personalized note.
Bridesmaid ValentinesI couldn't wait to send them so they ended up arriving a littler earlier than your average Valentine. My good friend Andrea still hasn't seen hers yet. She's a teacher in Turkey and is on holiday in London right now. I can't wait for her to have it waiting for her at school when she returns on Valentine's Day.
If you'd like to ask your bridesmaids the same way then I'm happy to share! You can download the graphic I designed by clicking here (they print two per page).
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Feb 9, 2011

Light Your Valentine's Fire

Matchbox ValentinesThis is a super cute and simple little gift to give your loved ones on Valentine's Day. They've always been a big hit when I've given them over the years and I can't believe I haven't shared a tutorial on them sooner. The trickiest part of the whole project is finding matches in boxes. They're one of those things that you see all over, but when you need to actually find them they can be hard to track down.MatchboxesGo through your craft supplies and pull anything pink and red and start getting creative!Pink and Red Craft SuppliesGlue is an obvious option, but I definitely prefer my Xyron Sticker maker. It saves time and it isn't messy like glue. I start by covering the top and bottom of the matchbox with a paper that's thick enough to hide the text on the box. Make sure to leave the sides uncovered so you can still light the matches on them. I suggest starting with the paper a little too big and then cut off the excess so the edges are nice and lined up.Xyron Sticker MakerNow think fire, burning love and other hot little Valentine's Day sayings and get decorating! I layered hand cut hearts, stickers, washi masking tape and origami paper, but anything goes.You Light My FireRed Hot LoveI Burn For You!I Burn For You!These cute little gifts from the heart make a great stand alone Valentine. You can also give them with a scented candle or even take most of the matches out and put a tiny little gift or a special love note inside. xox Happy crafting!Pin It

Feb 2, 2011

Sushi Date

Happy February- the month of LooooVE! If you're looking for something unique and romantical to do with your valentine then I have an idea for you - a DIY sushi date! Duncan and I did this a while back and it was so much fun as well as delicious!
Start your date out with a trip to a Japanese market to pick up what you need. We went to Uwajimaya in the International District here in Seattle.Seattle International DistrictThey have anything and everything you may need from fish to flatware! We're big Maguro (the red colored tuna, pronounced mah-goo-roh) fans so we started there. There's usually an entire section of sushi grade options in Japanese market so find that and you'll be set. Here's a handy little diagram of what else you may want to pick up (click to enlarge):
DIY Sushi Dinner
1) Sake! I love sparkling sake best
2) Sushi set for two (plates, bowls, and soy sauce dishes)
3) Sushi rice - making the rice just right so it's perfectly sticky is tough so I suggest buying it at the market so cooked and ready to go
4) Soy sauce - a cute soy sauce pitcher is quite versatile and can be used for all sorts of sauces (totally worth buying)
5) Seaweed salad - great on its own or in your sushi rolls
6) Bamboo sushi mat - you'll need this if you want to make actual rolls vs hand rolls
7) Sesame seeds help make your rolls look fancy
8) Chopsticks
9) Maguro - a nice, versatile, delish option
10) Spicy tuna - chop up some maguro and stir in sriracha as spicy as you like it
11) Seaweed - these come in large squares we cut ours into smaller pieces since we just made hand rolls
12) Wasabi
13) Pickled ginger - find it with the rest of the sushi grocery supplies. So yummy!

We laid out a blanket in our living room and set up everything on a big serving tray in front of the fire. It made for a very memorable and romantic evening of fun!Sushi by the fire
Purchasing tips:
Daiso is a great place to get the non edible items for very affordable prices (sake sets, dishes, etc, etc). If you're in San Francisco I'd also suggest Kamei Restaurant Supply on Clement street in the Inner Richmond. Get your dish needs filled there and then head to Japantown for your food supplies.
Hope you'll try this out sometime soon and it's Totemo oishii (very delicious)!Pin It