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Jan 12, 2011

Otter Obsessed

I'm in love with otters and I can't get enough! I'm not sure exactly how it snuck up on me, but over the last few months I've been drawn to all things otter. My love grew ten fold when we went to the Seattle Aquarium on New Year's day and experienced them first hand. They are just the cutest little creatures. They ate crab off of their bellies and then washed themselves when they were done. They scratched their little furry cheeks and our hearts just melted. If they haven't won you over yet then get this- They hold hands while they sleep so they don't drift away from each other. Cute overload right!?Otters Holding Hands
Duncan put together this video to share the otter love. Check it out!

Seattle Aquarium 1-1-11 from Duncan Hooper on Vimeo.

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Kitty said...

Oh my goodness. How in love I am with this post. I too fell madly in love with otters at The Seattle Aquarium 6 years ago on my first date with my husband. I think they are the sweetest little creatures out there. Well, they aren't as sweet as my Bono Baby but they are up there for sure. I say, anyone's who loves an otter is a friend of mine.

Fritzi Marie

Chelsea, Tea Talk said...

Is the Seattle Aquarium right by the Puget Sound? If so, I went there when I was young and just loved it!

Oh, and otters are soo cute!

Cal said...

OMG I NEED TO GO THERE. Sorry...wow. I wish I was staying up there longer. This is why I MUST move near the sound. Sigh...