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Jan 4, 2011


My heart breaks over the loss of DOG (pronounced diyogi) who passed away yesterday after being hit by a car. My heart hurts even more for Duncan's parents who have such a big space to fill in their daily lives with this little guy gone. DOG was a part of the family and we won't be the same without him around. Hug your pets extra hard for me tonight.

We love you DOG and miss you so much!Pin It


Unknown said...

oh my goodness. i'm so sorry to hear about your loss. we have a pup too and she is definitely a family member and i can't imagine losing her.

my heart goes out to you. <3

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so sorry!! :( Losing a pet is always hard.

Michelle (michabella) said...

Aw my heart just breaks!! So hard to lose a pet...they too are members of your family...Mans best friend! Sending you lots of love <333

Emily Boyd said...

I'm so sorry Molly, it's devastating losing a family pet - we lost three of our 4 cats over a very short period of time. But I can only imagine how much worst it is when it's an accident that's taken them away.

My deepest sympathies. xx

Jen HaHA said...

Poor DOG! What a cutie and cute name. Our cat Moses the Junior Steamboat sleeps on our bed, usually on my legs. I'll give him an extra hug.

katie jean said...

so sorry to hear, he looks so sweet. I will give my dog some extra scratches behind his ears tonight.