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Dec 14, 2011

Custom Polaroid Necklaces

New product alert! The Polaroid Necklaces that, up until now, have exclusively featured the beautiful shots by Diana at Our.City.Lights are getting a bit more personal. Now you can have your own favorite photo framed in necklace form!

Will it be a family portrait, a shot of your adorable furry friend or your all time best instagram image? Whatever you chose you're sure to love it even more shrunken down to fit onto a one inch button within a Polaroid bamboo frame. Even better, you'll also receive a print of your image on high gloss photo paper printed to look like a polaroid, accompanied by a matching, heavy duty photo magnet perfect for displaying the print on your fridge!

Custom Polaroid Necklace

I thought it would be fun to work with a few of my favorite blogger friends to see how they would choose to personalize their necklaces.

Danielle - Sometimes Sweet
Danielle went with this gorgeous shot of her beautiful family in front of a stunning back drop. The vibrant color of the sky draws you in and that little Henry with his loving parents makes my heart melt!
Dani Hampton Polaroid

I couldn't launch the personalized version of the Polaroid Necklace without hearing how Diana would make one just for herself. This dreamy image was taken on her way home from a romantic trip to Rome with her husband.
Diana Custom Polaroid

Katie's daughter's Hope and Poesy are seriously too cute for words so it's no wonder she's excited to keep them close to her heart in necklace form!
Katie Shelton Custom Polaroid

Liz - Srsly Liz
It's Walter! If that little furry face isn't the perfect fit for a 1-inch button, I just don't know what is.
Srsly Liz Custom Polaroid

If you place your order and get me your image by the end of the day Sunday 12/18 then you can still receive your own personalized Polaroid Necklace via USPS Priority mail before Christmas!Pin It

Dec 2, 2011

A Sweet (and minty) Christmas Deal

The Fab.com sale concluded early this morning and now it's time for the Vivi Dot elves to start packing up all of those orders. I am so, so happy about how the sale went and feel very thankful to have been featured on such an awesome site. In celebration of a very successful sale on Fab I though it would be nice to feature a holiday deal in my online store as well. I've put together a minty fresh gift pack perfect for the holidays. Here's what it includes:

One Holly Jolly Button Set that also doubles as a gift tag
Holly Jolly Button Set

One Minty Fresh Peppermint Ring
Peppermint Ring

And one pair of festive Peppermint Earrings
Peppermint Candy Earrings

You can wrap it all up for one lucky recipient or divide it up and stuff three different stockings with some holiday dots. There's always the option to keep some of it for yourself too! If you buy each item individually it will run you $24.50, but this special holiday set will only set you back $18! No coupon code is needed for this price - nice and easy!
Vivi Dot Christmas Gift Set
Extra Bonus Gift: If you leave me a comment at check out that let's me know you follow me on twitter and/or follow the Dot Girl Blog then I'll throw in an extra free gift with your purchase. This extra bonus deal is valid on all orders placed before the holiday order cut off (12/19/11)!

Thanks again to everyone who supported the Vivi Dot sale on Fab by tweeting about it, inviting friends to join, blogging about it and making purchases. It's been a week filled with a ton of happy emails and congratulatory tweets that made me feel so very warm and fuzzy!Pin It

Nov 28, 2011

Some Fab News

Fab.com Logo
I am so excited to share that Vivi Dot will be featured on Fab.com tomorrow!

Vivi Dot on Fab.com
Fab features daily design inspirations and sales at up to 70% off retail. They work with really incredible brands so to be a part of it is a huge honor. They also offer generous referral credits when your friends sign up through your unique referral URL so it's super easy to rack up 'free money' to spend on gifts for the holidays or to treat yourself (full disclosure- my referral link is used in the post).

The Vivi Dot sale is tomorrow, November 29th and runs for three days. If you sign up today you'll get access to my sale and all the other great sales they run daily.

Happy shopping!Pin It

Nov 25, 2011

Shop Update

I just published a bunch of new items in the shop!Vivi Dot Items
Here are a few of my new favorites.

Double Bike Ring

Mesa Desert Necklace

Ring Set - Cool
Check out the rest of the new items and shop this weekend and you'll receive 20% off when you enter the coupon code BLOGFRIENDS at checkout. Happy shopping!
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Nov 23, 2011


I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, just as I always do.

In the last month I've gotten married
Wedding Polaroid
to the man of my dreams
who I got to hang out with for seven magical days in paradise (after throwing an amazingly fun wedding/dance party).
Paradise Hammocks
And when we got tired of that, we did this
toes in the sand
I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving filled with love, family, food, good health and good cheer. I can't wait to share all of the wedding details with you in the coming weeks as well as some big, exciting news next week.

PS- I've missed you!!!
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Oct 11, 2011

Wedding Day Crunch Time

My wedding day is only twenty-five days away! Duncan and I have been plowing through our todo list and we're feeling pretty good about things. I keep waiting for the S*#T to hit the fan which I'm sure it will, but right now we're making things happen at a quick, but bearable pace. We're making sure we keep things fun by feuling our wedding craft days with good music, movie marathons and mimosas. Mimosas

The big planning pieces are done for the most part and now it's all about executing the DIY aspects of the event which is the best part for me. Right now I'm in the midst of making a belt for my dress, boutonnieres for the boys, jewelry for the girls, centerpieces, and place cards (to name a few). I've also enlisted a few of my favorite artists to contribute to our decor to make it extra special and personal. I am getting all kinds of excited for the big day and can hardly wait for when I get to share all the little details here on the blog.

My Mom and soon to be Mother in Law are doing all of the flowers for our big day so we got up way too early on Sunday and explored the wholesale flower market. We came up with some pretty ideas for the centerpieces and the bouquets so I'm really excited to see how they all come together. Purple Wedding Flowers

I had a professional blow out last weekend to confirm that it's what I want to do the day of the wedding. I figure it's a good way to start nice and smooth and then put the curls back in myself. It's less nerve wracking then hoping for a good curl day. I won't be wearing it all down, but here's a peek at how the curls will hopefully look- Next week is my makeup trial which I'm very excited for! If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed I'm on the lookout for good wedding makeup options for my dark hair, blue eyes combo.

And now I'll leave you with little Olive all wrapped up in ribbon from one of our wedding gifts.Crate & Barrel Kitty

I'm off to my dress fitting tonight! It's all happening people! It's ALL happening!Pin It

Oct 4, 2011

Halloween Rewind

With the wedding just a month away I've had zero time to keep up here. Instead of feeling guilty about this blog being a ghost town I thought I might do a blog rewind and highlight some fun fall favorites from years past. First up my easy lace pumpkin from last Halloween.

This pretty lace pumpkin is super easy! Simply cut a little hole for the stem and then use black duct tape to attach it securely at the bottom of the pumpkin. Top her off with a shiny black bow and she's ready to go! It doesn't get much easier than that!

Sorry to any long time readers that have already seen this. I figure repeats are better than complete silence.
Happy Fall!Pin It

Sep 1, 2011

Thrifted Love

Just look at this love seat! I've passed by Antika nearly one hundred times on my way to dance, but have never been able to go in. A few weekends ago when Duncan and I were out running errands for the wedding we spotted this lovely mid century piece in their window. The parking gods also thought we should stop in so they granted us a parking spot right out front!
This store is worth a trip to Seattle! I couldn't help but think of all of you vintage lovers out there as a perused their perfectly curated rooms filled with furniture, home accessories and other fun trinkets. I braced myself as I started checking out the price tags, but was pleasantly surprised. The prices seemed fair and approachable, much more so than other similar shops that only seem to price the items for collectors who are will ing to pay an arm and a leg for something specific.
Mid Century Love Seat
I hope to go back again soon once I'm off this strict wedding budget. We allowed this purchase to bend the budget rules by deciding to use it in our photobooth - two uses is always better than one!

A little PS- I've been sad that I've been unable to post more regularly, but let's face it until the wedding is over posting will likely be light. I'll pop in with posts when I can and plan to really recommit myself to a blog post schedule mid November (just in time for the holidays)! Pin It

Aug 18, 2011

Doorbell Makeover

Our house was built in 1946 and there are a lot of wonderful nods to that era in the design. The doorbell with its long chimes and its own little cubby in the wall is definitely one of those features. Unfortunately, the brown plastic housing and gold metallic material that topped off the pretty chimes was well past its prime.Doorbell Makeover BeforeI had this doorbell makeover project planned before this house was even officially ours so it was extra fun to finally execute the update. The best part of this project is that it cost me zero dollars because I used materials I already had. I found a spray paint fabric combination I loved and got to work. With a few coats of robins egg blue spray paint and some fabric glue to cover the board that fit into the frame, I was done! Our 1946 doorbell now has a touch of today! Doorbell Makeover - After
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Aug 12, 2011

August Birthday Love

My birthday is coming up this weekend (the 14th to be exact) so it's been fun to see who else in the blogging community was born around the same time. I have been pretty behind on my twitter feed lately but I have been by enough to pick up on all of these lovely leo's birth dates (so sorry for anyone I've left out). It makes me feel like the universe really gives the August babies an extra dose of creativity and drive. All of the images I used are pulled from each birthday girl's/boy's blog so just click on each one to be sent straight there.

Happy happy Birthday!
Danny Brito
Miss James
Betsey J
Liz (srsly)
Rachel Denbow
I hope you all let your lion manes down and party big in celebration of the all kinds of awesome you are! Pin It

Aug 9, 2011

Pool and Persimmon

Jeni and Keith have made an appearence here on the Dot Girl Blog before when I helped them save the date for their wedding. That date they had us save came and went over the last weekend. I had such an incredible time being a part of their beautiful, thoughtful wedding weekend on the Russian River in Northern California. Jeni & Keith Get Married!Every little detail was thoughtfully executed. Jeni, the bride, was the visionary and her family and friends helped her execute everything she had dreamt up. It was such a collaborative, pretty weekend filled with love that I think I'm still glowing in the aftermath of it all. There was an outpouring of love for the couple vocalized through amazing toasts, poems, songs composed especially for them and so much more. They are beautiful people inside and out and this amazing weekend of events was a fantastic reflection of them and the love all of their family and friends have for them.

Top left: Jeni's parents who are stunningly gorgeous * Top right: table decor * Bottom left: tasty cocktails with pretty straws * Bottom right: Rice Crispy Cake! Wedding

I love me some market lights above a dance floor!Market Lights

Me and Stacey (2 of 6 Bridesmaids):Bridesmaids

A photo booth print and a party party favor:Photo Booth Wedding

Seamus even flew out from NYC for the doggie friendly affair:Seamus the Dog

Congratulations to Keith and Jeni! If your wedding is any indication of your future life together then I'd say you're in for a beautiful ride!
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Jul 25, 2011

Signed Sealed (keys) Delivered - She's Ours!

It's official! As of Thursday evening Duncan and I are home owners! Our House!
I'm overwhelmed with excitement and can hardly wait to get settled. We have been working our butts off ever since we received the keys. We've ripped out the dirty old pink carpet, hauled it to the dump (all 600 pounds of it), pulled out all of the nails and staples, sanded the floors, scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom, packed, and started the moving process. My mom came over both Saturday and Sunday to help me with the kitchen which is pretty much set. The rest of the house is empty and filled with dust from the hardwood floor project, but we've got a kitchen! The backyard is just perfect too. We brought over our patio furniture so we have a place to relax when we need a break.

We've got a huge todo list that needs completing before we move all of our furniture this Saturday, but we'll get there. Moving is horrible, but knowing we won't have to do it again for years makes it WAY easier. I hope you're ready for lots of posts related to decorating, home improvement, and caring for chickens in the coming months. I know I can't wait!Pin It

Jul 20, 2011

Baby Love

I saw my little niece Audrey Jean four times in the first few months of her life. Since then I've been surviving on facetime calls, photos, and videos... until last weekend. It was so fun to finally see this little cutiepie in person. She's the happiest little baby I've ever met and has quite the personality. I love her to pieces and can't wait to see her again in September. Audrey Jean 7 monthsAudrey Jean
This one of her sleeping is my absolute favorite!Audrey SleepingPin It

Jul 11, 2011

So in Love

I've been so focused on buying a house that wedding planning couldn't be further from my mind. I guess I can only handle one major life event at a time. I haven't looked at a wedding magazine or blog in weeks, but today I got sucked in for a few minutes and was instantly inspired to get back to it. Ron & Dominique on 100 Layer Cake(photos by Joielala Photographie via 100LayerCake Blog)

Ron and Dominique aren't just any stunning bride and handsome groom, they're our friends! Duncan and I weren't able to make it to their amazing wedding because it was the same weekend as the end of the year dance recital. It's obvious we missed a beautiful wedding and a rockin party. Waaaa!

Ron and Dominique are also the talented twosome behind Love Me Sailor Photography. They did our engagement shoot and will be photographing our wedding as well!

Make sure to go over to 100LayerCake.com to see all three parts of their spectacular wedding.
Wedding Part 1
Wedding Part 1
Wedding Part 1
Unfortunately, I can't spend any time on creative wedding projects until after the move is complete later this month. I'll be heading to what will surely be another inspiring wedding the first week in August. Once I return I'm going to come back to these posts about Ron and Dominique's wedding to get my wedding planning excitement running on high once again.Pin It

Jul 6, 2011

Summer in Seattle

If my lack of blog posts wasn't already a dead giveaway then let me fill you in - it's been a crazy few weeks. My calendar shows no sign of letting up, but it's okay with me because there's a ton of exciting things going on. I've got a bachelorette party weekend in Portland for one of my best friends, a wedding in Idaho and we're closing on our house (knock on wood, barring no unexpected hiccups, etc) all before the end of the month! Plus it's light from about 5 am until 9:30 pm so I've got extra daylight to make things happen. Speaking of, I'm also trying to squeeze in as much outside time as possible to make sure that the amazing Seattle summer doesn't escape me.

Here's what I've been up to....
This is the view through my shades on my first trip out on Lake Washington this past weekend. It doesn't get much better than being on a boat on an 80 degree day! I heart the sunI went down south for a wedding shower and got even closer than normal to the beautiful Mt. Rainier. I will miss the peekaboo view of this beauty we have from our rental house now.Mount RainierDuncan's friends flew up from LA and SF and road tripped down the coast, camping and hitting a bunch of skate parks along the way (it was Duncan's Bachelor party). I got one night in Seattle with all of them before they took off.Skateboard Bachelor PartyNothing's ever official until we get those keys, but we're getting close on the house! It has a chicken coop with 5 chickens in the already amazing backyard. I can't wait for it to be ours!!Backyard Chicken CoupI've been trying to get in some evening sun after work each day. Don't let this Instagram photo filter fool you - I am as white as can be. Sun TanningAnd of course little Olive and big Indy have been hanging with me as always.I heart my animalsHope you all had a great 4th of July weekend! What's new!!?Pin It