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Dec 6, 2010

An Urban Craft Weekend

My first Seattle show is complete and I am so happy to report that it was a great success. It was actually my most successful consumer show yet! The Urban Craft Uprising was held at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, right in the shadow of the Space Needle. There were 120 vendors which seemed like the perfect size with tons of great stuff to choose from without being totally overwhelming. I bought so many great gifts that I wish I could show you, but I worry I'd ruin the surprise for the people they're for.
It was also a special treat to have my family finally be able to see a Vivi Dot booth in action. My sister has been to my shows before, but this was the first show for my Mom, Aunt Diane, Cousin Katie and Grandma Dot. Yep, Dottie half of the Vivi Dot name was there and helping out in the booth. She also reads this blog so, Hi Grandma! Thanks for coming and helping out! Duncan shot a bunch of footage of the show on our new camera so I should have a nice little video to share with you in the next few days.

Now that my big show for the holidays is complete I'm hoping I'll have some more time to decorate my house and blog about some fun gift wrapping ideas I have. I'm also headed down to San Francisco on Thursday morning for work. I'll be packing in some client meetings, an office holiday party, as well as some dinner and shopping with some of my San Francisco friends I miss dearly. Can't wait! Oh and.... my sister, Emily, should be having her baby girl any time now! She's due on the 11th so we're just waiting to hear 'it's time!'

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Kelley said...

so nice to have family support and so cute that your grandma reads your blog--i love that!!!
have a great week!!

katie jean said...

Molly! If you are in SF next weekend be sure to head to Bazaar Bizarre and great indie craft show being held at Fort Mason. Read my blog for more info about it. I am vending there and would get such a kick out of seeing you :D

Mandy said...

I'm glad everything went well! :D