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Dec 8, 2010

UCU Finds

I did some speed shopping at the Urban Craft Uprising show last weekend, usually on quick trips to and from the bathroom. I always had to hurry back to my booth so I'm sure I missed some good stuff, but I found lots of great items. There are a few I'll have to keep under wraps so holiday surprises won't be ruined, but there are some things I can share. Dave from Manticore Stencil Art was right next to the Vivi Dot booth. He stencils iconic pop culture characters onto records. His wife made a trade with us at the end of the second day so I got this rad Labyrinth Bowie record and Duncan got a crazy one with E.T. and Michael Jackson on it. Good stuff! I don't know why it's such a strong memory, but I totally remember watching Labyrinth at my friend Erin's house when I was little. We ate popcorn and dipped it in Taco Bell hot sauce while we watched. Random, but true!labyrinth Bowie
Next up is this pretty little notebook I picked up at the very end of the show. It's by R&L Goods, comes with a moleskin notebook and good old #2 pencil! R and L Goods
Duncan and I love our hot sauce so we bought this spicy bottle of Tabasco by Rakkadeer for our kitchen.Rakkadeer TabascoI'm pretty sure my not so subtle hints may lead to one of these under the tree for me this year. Material and Movement NecklaceHeather from Material and Movement makes the most stunning and unique jewelry with pieces she makes from fine china with pretty patterns.
Last, but certainly not least is Berkley Illustration. I'm hoping I'll end up with one of these this Christmas too though I have no idea how Duncan would be able to choose which one! Berkley IllustrationIf you're still looking for holiday gifts may I suggest jumping over to Scissor Quirk's Blog Party. Michelle has all sorts of fabulous giveaways going on this week including a gift certificate to the Vivi Dot shop for 40 big ones! Go, go now! Pin It


Welcome! said...

perusing around blogland today and found your store and the giveaway. love your creative jewelry! have a happy thursday.

Jen HaHA said...

I can't believe I've never hears of UCU. And, entry was free? Bummer! Well, for sure I'll check your site more often for such great info. It's just a link away on my blog :oD

Anonymous said...

Ahh! You have seen the labyrinth. I love when people have seen it because I think it is just amazing! Lovely blog, I keep returning most days now :-)
La x