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Dec 15, 2010

Merry Stressmas!

I always have such great expectations about what I want to get done and blog about in December. Well, truthfully it's a year round struggle, but December just seems especially difficult when it comes to time management. There's the usual: full time job, teaching dance classes, and Vivi Dot orders to take care of with the added holiday craft shows, festive parties to attend, shopping to be completed and, and, and. I need to face that fact that my visions of multiple, fabulous, holiday DIY tutorials and new handmade decorations likely ain't gonna be executed. As of today I'm allowing myself to feel okay with that. Heck, I haven't even bought a tree yet! So with literally no time to deck the halls I've decided to the deck my workspace in the meantime. I strung up these adorably festive stickers by Michelle of Bubbly Shnooks above my desk. I do spend a good 10 hours a day in this very spot so it makes sense to start here. Plus once I do finally get to some holiday gift wrap blog posts (I WILL do at least one of those) they'll be nice and handy! Deck the Desk
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Moorea Seal said...

goodness, time management is so hard! it is my favorite time of year. i love the jolly-ness in the air, the happy faces, being with my loved ones by a fireplace, eating eating eating, selling lots of jewelry, decorating...and then there is the crap i have to get so much done right now!!! it is hard balancing the joy of the season with the gotta-get-stuff-done. i usually try to make my friends come hangout while i work, watching a movie while working on jewelry.

blending the fun with the practical is the best thing you can do. :)
<3 Moorea

Molly said...

I hear ya! I think it's especially hard because I feel so inspired to create things this time of year, but there's just little to no time to execute my ideas.

Kelley said...

yes it is hard, but it got a lot easier when i learned how to say no and only do the things that were in my heart to do. this year has been the most relaxing holiday season in a long time. i decided to sit back relax and remember the true meaning of christmas and embrace what is most important.

Mandy said...

Oh, do I ever know what you mean. I got marred ion October, so the wedding had been taking up all of my free brain space since early January. Usually, I like to get a head start on making things for presents, but this year everything's been jam-packed into the two months between our wedding and Christmas ...

We got a package of Dove Chocolates the other day and many of them are wrapped in messages that read something along the lines of "Allow yourself a few peaceful moments this holiday season." Colt keeps handing them to me with a meaningful look on his face ... after he scarfs the chocolate, of course. ;)

Anyway, haha, those stickers are totally cute. And I think so long as you have a little bit of festive around, and a lot in your heart, you'll be golden! :D

Michelle Clement said...

Oh, cute! :) I love what you did with the stickers!! he he. And I can *totally* relate to the no-time-feeling-the-stress thing, too. Goodness. Holidays always sneak up on me, and busy-all-year = waaaaay too busy at Christmas! Ah! I always think 'whatever doesn't get done isn't important', heard that somewhere once and it makes me feel a little better in the crunch. :)